How should executives lead in a rapidly changing and uncertain world? How must business models change? How can companies monetize new opportunities? Strategic actions taken today impact future directions while the number of unknowns executives are dealing with is increasing exponentially. New systems and patterns are converging at an increasing rate causing changes to our customers, our business opportunities, and our resources. 
Professor Caroline Daniels has developed the Future Trends framework to effectively identify ways to leverage new opportunities in today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving economy. This unique approach involves critically assessing how important upcoming developments converge in your customers’ business models and in your own areas of expertise. The goal of applying the Future Trends framework is to enable leaders to redesign business processes, access resources through networks, and engage with business partners and customers in new ways that provide value. 
In this short recorded presentation, we:
  • Present an overview of the Future Trends framework
  • Explain how peripheral vision can be as important as the focused vision for a company
  • Learn how digital technologies can enable greater communication between companies and their customers and between different functions within an organization
  • Explore how leaders can build this new kind of vision into the strategic process and how teams should take action on new initiatives
​By looking into the key Future Trends that affect your customers, business partners, stakeholders, and your organization, a more agile strategy for leveraging the value of present and future opportunities can be achieved. 

About the Presenter

Dr. Daniels’ research covers Future Trends and Entrepreneurial Strategy. She has worked on the development of global business and technology strategies for numerous startups and the following larger corporations: IBM, Apple, the Economist, Financial Times, Ford of Europe, Boots Pharmaceutical, Shell Oil, GlaxoSmithKline, Chartham Paper Mills, New York Life, Bank of Ireland, Aetna, Marks & Spencer, Media Companies, and other leading corporations. She has facilitated multi-client studies for The Economist Group on the future of business. Dr. Daniels has written for the Economist, the Economist Intelligence Unit, the Financial Times, and has published several books on Globalization and Information Technology.