How Self-Aware Leaders Create High Performing Teams

The webinar provided a preview of the new book: The Objective Leader: How To Leverage the Power of Seeing Things As They Are


As individuals, we are inherently subjective. We are constantly appraising our environment and we often get it wrong. We over-react to situations, take things personally, perceive “tone” in emails and judge people unfairly. The issue compounds itself in team-based environments. Managers often think team members are on the same page, yet in most cases, there is a significant gap between the underlying assumptions of the leader and the team. Moreover, when the team is challenged by a new problem or opportunity, everyone will have a different set of assumptions and ways of thinking about it. 
High-performing work teams establish team mental models about how to collaborate and communicate effectively so that there is a process in place to objectively tackle the complex issues that arise. This webinar will cover the key leadership mental models: External Validation, Perfectionists, Competitor, Control and Insecurity . In addition, the webinar will provide a framework for shifting unproductive team mental models in order to develop greater team collaboration, effectiveness and productivity . Specifically, the Leader will learn to:
  • Lead their team in understanding existing team mental models about their role, the team and the company
  • Guide their team in assessing the efficacy of existing team mental models
  • Support their team in the development of a new team mental model that will provide a framework for engagement to guide team processes such as meeting protocols, communications, and internal and external interactions.
  • Train and guide their team in the development of specific communication tools for understanding another’s person’s point of view, advocating for a particular point of view and conflict resolution
​It is only when you have a deep understanding of how the team is collectively viewing the problem or issue at hand, you have the means by which to think strategically, develop innovative solutions and push the boundaries of your team.

Elizabeth ThorntonAbout the Presenter

Elizabeth Thornton is a Professor of Management Practice at Babson Executive Education and an Adjunct Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Babson College. She also was Babson’s first Chief Diversity Officer. Professor Thornton developed a new curriculum called the “Principles of Objectivity,” which she teaches to graduate students and to corporations through Babson’s Executive Education. Her work is featured in a weekly blog on Huffington Post. Professor Thornton is the founder and CEO of Entrepreneurship Advantage, Inc., a training and consulting firm that provides resources and tools to help businesses increase profitability. She has over 15 years of corporate experience with institutions such as American Express and Bank One and more than 15 years of consulting/entrepreneurial experience with such clients as the Presidential Inaugural Committee, Clinton ’92/The White House, and a global beverage company.