Many organizations begin with delusions of successful change, yet roughly two-thirds of all managerial change initiatives fail. The need for a consistent approach to driving positive change is well recognized among higher performing organizations. Despite this, almost one-third of change initiatives are launched without any formal structure. One of the most significant reasons for the chronically high failure rates of managerial change initiatives is a limited appreciation for the fact that change comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Understanding the nature of change initiatives is a prerequisite for making that change happen and ensuring it will endure. Subsequently, this knowledge should inform strategies and tactics.

In this recorded presentation, we introduce a practical framework that managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders can use up-front to distinguish between different types of change initiatives:

  • change inside the box
  • change outside the box
  • breakthrough change, where the box is blown up entirely

By accurately assessing the big picture and recognizing patterns, leaders can embark upon a path toward successfully launching, leading, and realizing benefits from change initiatives.

About the Presenter

A leading authority on managing change initiatives and gaining competitive advantage, David A. Shore, PhD is former Associate Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). He continues to teach at Harvard University and is also Adjunct Professor of organizational development and change in the Business School, University of Monterrey, Mexico. Shore also is author of the popular 2014 book, Launching and Leading Change Initiatives in Health Care Organizations: Managing Successful Projects

During two decades as a Harvard faculty member and Executive Director of the HSPH Center for Continuing Professional Education, Shore founded and directed the flagship executive programs Forces of Change: New Strategies for the Evolving Marketplace; The Trust Initiative; and the Certificate Program on Launching and Leading Successful Change Initiatives. A prolific author, his books include: The Trust Prescription for Healthcare: Building Your Reputation with Consumers; The Trust Crisis in Healthcare: Causes, Consequences, and Cures; High Stakes: The Critical Role of Stakeholders in Health Care (with Eric D. Kupferberg); and Forces of Change: New Strategies for the Evolving Health Care Marketplace. Shore has been interviewed on various aspects of becoming a higher performing organization in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, INC, and PBS.​​