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Big companies grow more slowly than successful start-ups. Yet they have far more capital, people, and technology than their younger rivals. Some big companies have overcome the dysfunction that results from their superior resource endowments and adapted the traits that spur start-ups’ faster growth. They do this by exploiting their start-upness, six organizational traits that drive them to grow and learn faster than larger competitors.

Based on Peter Cohan’s 2012 book, Hungry Start-up Strategy: Creating New Ventures with Limited Resources and Unlimited Vision (Berrett-Koehler, 2012) this 30 minute webinar addresses this question with:

  • The three approaches that big companies use to restore their start-upness
  • Six short case studies of how big companies have applied these approaches
  • A CEO change agenda for boosting your company’s growth

About the Presenter

Peter Cohan teaches courses in the undergraduate and MBA programs at Babson including Competitive Environment and Strategy, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Strategic Decision-Making, Strategic Problem Solving, and Foundations of Entrepreneurial Management. He has created and led Start-up Strategy Offshore Electives to Hong Kong/Singapore, Israel, and Spain/Portugal. He has also taught at Stanford University and Columbia’s Senior Executive Program. Mr. Cohan has conducted over 150 strategy consulting engagements for global technology companies and policymakers in Singapore, Tokyo, Barcelona, and Santiago seeking to boost local entrepreneurship. Mr. Cohan has invested in six private companies, three of which were sold for over $2 billion. He is the author of eleven books, writes five blogs including Forbes Start-up Economy and Inc’s The Hungry Start-up and has published in Business Strategy Review, The Journal of Business Strategy, and Harvard Deusto Business Review. ​