The Trust

The Trust

“Babson is not only helping former players understand whether pursuing an entrepreneurial path is the right move—they’re providing them with the tools to launch, grow, and scale their businesses.”

The average length of an NFL career is 3½ years, and the next profes­sional steps for former players aren’t always obvious. The Trust, an organ­ization powered by the NFL Players Assoc­iation, is designed to help former players success­fully trans­ition to life off the field after football.

A major part of The Trust’s efforts are focused on providing former players with career services and counseling. Understanding that many professional athletes will pursue careers in business, The Trust seeks to ensure that entrepreneurially minded former players have access to educational programs that help them to succeed in the business world.

The TrustThe Trust

Enter BEE

Recognizing Babson as the leader in entrepreneurship education, The Trust partnered with our team to offer immersive multiday programs designed to educate former players who are considering owning, operating, or investing in businesses. Together, The Trust and BEE created three program options—“It’s My Business,” “Starting My Business,” and “Growing My Business”—customized for former players in various stages of the entrepreneurial process. These programs, including everything from design thinking simulations to business model pitches, address common challenges former players can expect to face in their current or potential ventures.

The Bottom Line

Former NFL players developed a better understanding of themselves as entrepreneurs while gaining business skills and knowledge that prepared them to capitalize on market opportunities.