Customized Entrepreneurship Programs

Create economic and social value everywhere.

Now more than ever, your organization—regardless of region or size—needs entrepreneurial solutions. Babson will work with you to develop a program that makes entrepreneurship relevant to your goals and mission, allowing you to transform the world.

Program Examples

We’ve designed programs for organizations throughout the world: startups, scaling companies, NGOs, governments, and foundations. Individuals leave with an entrepreneurial mindset, leading to new opportunities and paths to value creation for organizations.

Collaborated with a global nonprofit to establish more entrepreneurial businesses in the country.

Designed and co-delivered a social entrepreneurship program with a nonprofit.

Developed programs for business owners and senior executives for family businesses.

Developed and delivered a workshop for a local government organization that provided guidance and tools for women entrepreneurs to access capital, while also training someone to conduct future workshops.

Helped a government agency develop executives in the region with entrepreneurial capabilities and skills for successful international scaling of their businesses.

Established a program to support and develop women entrepreneurs to grow their business and make an impact on the local economy.

Program Design

We will work with you to develop a program that meets your organization’s needs. Custom entrepreneurship programs often involve intensive, hands-on classroom time, but also may include simulations, guest speakers, workshops, field trips, videoconferencing, and webinars.


Babson delivers its custom entrepreneurship programs in locations around the world, whether it’s on the Babson campus, just 20 minutes from downtown Boston, or anywhere else the client prefers.