Kerry Murphy Healey Park

Academic Leadership

The Academic Leadership Team comprises of the Dean of the College, Associate Deans of Degree Programs, and Associate Deans of Faculty. Together, they support high quality student experiences, academic programing and initiatives, and faculty development across the undergraduate and graduate schools. 

Dean of the College

Ken Matsuno, Ph.D.

Murata Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College 

Associate Deans – Degree Programs

Undergraduate School

 Wendy Murphy, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Tracey Reza, MEd

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Administration

Graduate School

Sebastian Fixson, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Innovation

Beth Bristol, MBA

Associate Dean of Graduate Administration

Associate Deans of Faculty  

Danna Greenberg, Ph.D. 

Walter H. Carpenter Professor, Division Chair, Management 

Julie Levinson, Ph.D.

Professor, Division Chair, Arts & Humanities 

Kent Jones, Ph.D. 

Professor of Economics  

Donna Stoddard, DBA

Associate Professor, Division Chair, Operations and Information Management 

Contact the Dean of the College

Phone: (781)239-5024