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Dean Of Faculty

Kenichi MatsunoGreetings from the Office of Dean of Faculty at Babson College! With the most considerable excitement and enthusiasm, I accepted the position of the Dean of Faculty in June 2019. It is my great honor to lead the distinguished faculty of the most entrepreneurial institution of higher education in the world.

For my more than twenty years at Babson, I have worked on mission-critical areas of the institution—teaching, research, and community service—all at the same time while a member of the faculty. By borrowing a few moments of your time, I would like to share with you why Babson faculty are extraordinary. There are unique traits and characteristics, not in any particular order below, that distinguish my faculty colleagues from many others elsewhere.

Our faculty dedicate themselves first and foremost to the students and learners, their experience, and learning outcomes. Teaching excellence is often mentioned in many colleges and universities, but here at Babson we genuinely mean it. It is indeed the most fundamental criterion for tenure and promotion decisions, along with their scholarship and institutional contributions. Thus, by the time our faculty are experts not only in the respective knowledge and practice areas, but also in the manner they facilitate the learning in those areas. Babson faculty train the students and learners for their lifelong learning.

Lifelong learning, however, cannot be compartmentalized in a semester-long course or project. Indeed, any course work, extra-curricular activity, or even graduation as a culmination of all are mere starting points of lifelong learning. An essential enabler of lifelong learning is the second important characteristic of our faculty. That is, our faculty are very close to the students, both present and past. Accessibility to the faculty cannot be inferred by a standard metric like the student-faculty ratio -- it is the faculty’s personal interest behind the metric, that is key. Our faculty take a personal interest in their professional and personal growth, success, and, most of all, happiness.

In addition, our faculty are supportive of and collaborative with each other. At Babson, our inter-divisional faculty collaboration is an object of envy among many peer schools. Our faculty develop and teach multi-disciplinary courses together. Beyond the academic divisions, we routinely ask for and offer each other a critique of teaching and pedagogy not only for tenure and promotion but also for routine delivery improvement. Many of us do engage in research and scholarship together beyond our disciplines. Our faculty’s collaborative ethic is the foundation of our inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches to complex problems in business and society. We instinctively believe in mutual inspiration and cross-learning versus separation and isolation, whether it is about teaching or intellectual discourse.

I tried to exercise my self-control in expressing how proud I am of our faculty. I also limited myself to only three distinctive strengths of my colleagues. If you would like to know more from me about our exceptional faculty, you need to be prepared (!), but please feel free to reach out to me at Alternatively, you are also kindly invited to explore the faculty profiles, their background, and teaching and research interests, at this website on your own.

Ken Matsuno, Ph.D.
Dean of Faculty
Professor of Marketing