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Dean of the Graduate School

Murata Dean and Professor of Management Dr. Keith Rollag

Dr. Keith Rollag

Babson is a very special place, and I am excited and honored to be the new Dean of our Graduate School. I have been teaching entrepreneurial leadership at Babson since 2001, and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

The core of what makes Babson special is our belief that an entrepreneurial mindset can make business and society better, and it is our mission to educate students who will go out and use the power of entrepreneurship for good around the world. Our commitment to Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® has resulted in 27 years of being ranked the No. 1 graduate school for entrepreneurship in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. During that time, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford have been battling it out for No. 2.

We offer a top ranked MBA program and four master’s programs, as well as a Certificate in Advanced Management, which can be earned in as few as 9 credits. With a choice of campuses in Wellesley, Boston, and Miami, Babson students can customize their graduate school experience to make it as convenient and impactful as possible.

At Babson, academic and hands-on learning collide in countless ways. For example, at Babson you can:

  • Work one on one with a coach to identify strengths and reflect on graduate school goals in the core MBA class Managing Talent, Your Own and Others
  • Manage $2 million of the college’s endowment in the Babson College Fund elective course
  • Participate in consulting projects where you solve business problems for alumni-founded startups, Fortune 50 companies, local civic and government organizations, and other partner organizations.

We also follow our own philosophy. We introduced a reimagined MBA in 2019, debuted a new Master of Science in Advanced Entrepreneurial Leadership in 2020, and are continually experimenting with new curricula, courses, intensity tracks, and learning experiences. No matter what your career and business goals might be, at Babson we teach you how to think and act like an entrepreneur and innovator. You will learn: how to take action on problems or opportunities that others just think and talk about; how to build and lead a team to develop your new ideas; and how experimentation and prototyping can provide quick, valuable feedback.

Most of all, you will join a learning community of students, alumni, faculty, staff, employers, mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, and change-makers. You will build lifelong relationships with classmates and faculty, and get the knowledge and support you need to achieve your dreams.

I am inspired every day by the Babson community, by the businesses and change initiatives we are building, by the sense of purpose we all bring to our work, and by the positive impact we are having in the world. I hope you will share in my excitement as you get to know Babson, too.

Contact Information:
Dr. Keith Rollag
Dean, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business, Babson College