Faculty Profiles

Kristi Girdharry

  • Lecturer
Academic Division: Arts & Humanities


Kristi Girdharry is the Director of the Writing Center and a lecturer in the Arts and Humanities division where she teaches foundational writing courses and the practicum on peer consulting and writing. Previously, she was an Assistant Professor of English at Johnson & Wales University where, in addition to writing, she also taught courses on social media, communication skills, and advanced research methods. She holds a PhD in English with a focus in Rhetoric and Composition from Northeastern University.

Much of her scholarly and pedagogical interests come from work with community sites and partners. Stemming from her role in the creation of an oral history project and digital archive built to capture the ephemera following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, her dissertation—“Composing Digital Community Spaces: Design and Literacy Practices in/of the Archive”—offered a case study of a crowdsourced archive meant to simultaneously memorialize and historicize the events. She has published and given talks on aspects of this work ranging from understanding who participates in these types of story-sharing spaces to examining the linguistic practices of such story sharers, which show interesting markers of race, class, and inclusion/exclusion. With attention to the concept of “archival silencing,” she is currently working on a new oral history project that aims to safely uplift the voices of people who feel unheard in the media and to offer an historical record of communities’ responses to violence in and around Boston.

In addition to also working on scholarship related to teaching and tutoring, she is a co-editor for the Best of the Journals in Rhetoric and Composition Series, which offers a current snapshot of the exigent themes, trends, and ideas within Writing Studies and also contextualizes each piece with activities and discussion questions to help aid in professional development conversations for instructors who may not have the means or time to attend the conferences and keep up with all recent scholarship. Relatedly, she is on the board of the Boston Rhetoric and Writing Network (BRAWN), which continues to offer free professional development opportunities for writing instructors.

Academic Degrees

  • Ph D, Northeastern University
  • MA, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • BA, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Academic Interests

Writing Centers; Rhetoric and Composition; Community Engagement