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Faculty Profiles

William Mayborn

  • Adjunct Lecturer
Academic Division: History & Society



Journal Articles

  • Mayborn, W.C. (2019). Where are the Grown-Ups? Thinking about Anarchy with “Lord of the Flies”. Journal of Political Science Education. Page: 1--17. Taylor \& Francis.
  • Mayborn, W.C. (2017). Book Review of Charlotte P. Lee’s Training the Party: Party Adaption and Elite Training in Reform-era China. Journal of Politics. Vol: 79, Issue: 4, Page: e74--e75. University of Chicago Press.
  • Mayborn, W.C. (2017). Book Review of Michael J. Green's By More Than Providence: Grand Strategy and American Power in the Asia Pacific Since 1783. Marine Corps History. Vol: 3, Issue: 2, Page: 81--85.
  • Mayborn, W.C. (2014). The pivot to Asia: The persistent logics of geopolitics and the rise of China. Journal of Military and Strategic Studies. Vol: 15, Issue: 4.
  • Mayborn, W.C. (2010). Creating More Turmoil: Why UAV strikes Will Be Counterproductive in Yemen. Terrorism and Political Violence. Page: 480.


  • Mayborn, W.C. (2016). Ever vigilant: Chinese perceptions of adversarial alliances. Boston College.