Shared governance is the organizing principal.

The faculty of Babson College has the primary responsibility to develop, sustain, and enhance the intellectual and academic quality of the College. To ensure this, the College uses a model of shared governance in which its faculty is responsible for all policies relating to the college curriculum content and pedagogical process, intellectual vitality and research, academic standards and admissions policies, as well as the manner in which faculty work. On February 29, 2008, the Babson College faculty voted to create a Faculty Senate as the representative body of the faculty.

The faculty of Babson College is committed to shared governance and collegiality as the most effective bases upon which to manage the affairs of and maintain excellence in the College.

Shared governance is used here to describe faculty involvement with the College administration where:

  • Faculty, through the Senate, collaborate with the administration, staff, and students in a manner that advances the instructional mission of the College and improves the quality of the entire Babson experience;
  • Faculty, through the Senate, facilitate coordination between and among the several parts of the Babson organization;
  • Deliberation precedes decision-making in order to bring together relevant constituencies and information for active discussion and debate;
  • All parties continually strive for transparency in decision-making;
  • All parties communicate openly and appreciate the diversity of individuals in relation to the more broadly-defined needs and interests of the institution; and
  • All parties work to create an environment of trust and goodwill.