Time and Effort Certification

Time and effort reporting is a process mandated by the federal government to verify that direct labor charges to federally sponsored agreements are reasonable and reflect actual work performed.

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-21 includes regulatory requirements for the reporting and certification of faculty and staff effort associated with research projects and other activities. Additionally, many other sponsors require records to substantiate effort. Therefore, Babson College policy requires effort certification for all externally sponsored programs.

To meet the A-21 requirements for reporting faculty and staff effort, Babson College will adhere to the following procedures. Salaries and wages of faculty and staff will be distributed to activities based on estimates of the individual’s planned effort. The employee’s effort distribution must be adjusted for any significant changes in actual effort (10% or more of the individual’s total workload) and the actual effort of the employee must then be certified on an after-the-fact basis.

The report will encompass both sponsored and all other activities. An individual’s workload will reflect categories of activities expressed as a percentage distribution. Three times a year, a statement will be signed by the employee, principal investigator, or responsible individual with direct knowledge of the work performed, stating that the salaries charged to research as direct charges, and to other categories (including instruction/Divisional research and administration), are reasonable and accurate.