Business Analytics

The phrase “business analytics” refers to the process of using data and analytical techniques to improve decision making in a business environment. It encompasses data management processes, such as data collection, validation, and organization, as well as analytical techniques, such as statistics, optimization, predictive modeling, forecasting, and visualization. To some extent, all business courses teach business analytics. The objective of business analytics concentration is to teach students more advanced skills and techniques applied to discipline-specific and more general business problems.

Sponsored by: Math and Science Division and Technology, Operations, and Information Management (TOIM) Division

Faculty Contacts: Dessislava Pachamanova and Steven Gordon

Faculty contacts serve as advisers to those students who have an interest in the given concentration. You should feel free to contact these faculty members with questions.


  • ​​QTM 2000 Case Studies in Business Analytics*

Required Courses

  • OIM 3545 Business Intelligence and Data Analytics* (formerly MIS 3545)

* QTM 2000 is equivalent to QTM 3650. For students who enrolled at Babson before Fall 2013, QTM 3650 counts as one of two required courses for the concentration. To complete the concentration, students who enrolled at Babson before Fall 2013 need to take QTM 3650 (or QTM 2000), OIM 3545 and two (rather than three) electives from the list of electived approved for this concentration.

Elective Courses

Choose three (3) of the following courses:

  • ACC 3546 Accounting Analytics
  • ECN 3620 Econometrics
  • FIN 4510 Corporate Financial Modeling & Decision Tools
  • FIN 4530 Investments
  • FIN 4535 Fixed Income
  • MKT 3510 Marketing Research & Analysis
  • MKT 4506 Marketing Analytics
  • MKT 4530 Digital Analytics 
  • MOB 3573 Supply Chain Management / OIM 3573 Supply Chain Management 
  • OIM 3525 Enterprise 2.0, Building Social Networks (formerly MIS 3525)
  • OIM 3535/MOB 3536 Scaling Lean Ventures (formerly MIS 3535)
  • OIM 3580 Artificial Intelligence in Business (formerly MIS 3580)
  • OIM 3640 Problem Solving & Software Design (formerly MIS 3640) OR
    ENGR 2510 Software Design (Olin College)
  • OIM 3660 Prototyping with Information Technology (formerly MIS 3660)
  • QTM 2600 Linear Algebra
  • QTM 2622 Sports Applications of Mathematics
  • QTM 2623 Programming with R for Business Analytics
  • QTM 3605 Quantitative Analysis of Structural Injustice
  • QTM 3610 Applied Multivariate Methods
  • QTM 3615 Time Series Forecasting
  • QTM 3620 Operations Research
  • QTM 3625 Financial Simulation
  • QTM 3635 Quantitative Methods for Machine Learning
  • QTM 3675 Probability for Risk Management

Suggested Paths

Marketing Analytics

  • MKT 4506 Marketing Analytics
  • MKT 3510 Marketing Research & Analysis

Finance Analytics (Choose two)

  • FIN 4510 Corporate Financial Modeling & Decision Tools
  • FIN 4530 Investments
  • FIN 4535 Fixed Income

Industry Advisers

  • Oliver Bandte, BCG
  • Leon Barsoumian, Havas Media
  • Robert Bry, IBM
  • David Dietrich, EMC
  • Ken LeBlanc, EMC
  • Karl Rexer, Rexer Analytics
  • Dan Vesset, IDC
  • Kim Yohannan, EMC​