The Entrepreneurship concentration focuses on the creation of social and economic value by developing core capabilities of idea generation, opportunity recognition, resource acquisition, and entrepreneurial management. Entrepreneurship students will learn to shape entrepreneurial opportunities, assess financial feasibility, while living an entrepreneurial experience.

This experience includes forming teams, constructing business models, talking with partners and customers, assessing feasibility, while launching a new venture or initiative. The skills and competencies gained in an Entrepreneurship concentration are vital for the success of any business or organization including nascent startup, corporation, family, nonprofit, global, franchise, or any other setting. Entrepreneurship concentrators will apply Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® both academically as well as in real world settings. The concentration also provides customized paths for students wishing to specialize in general retail or service, technology, social/nonprofit, family, global, or corporate settings.

Sponsored by: Entrepreneurship Division

Faculty Contacts: Brad George, Erik Noyes, and Joel Shulman

Faculty contacts serve as advisers to those students who have an interest in the given concentration. You should feel free to contact these faculty members with questions.

Required Four (4) Credits:

  • EPS 3501 Entrepreneurship and Opportunity (or its equivalents: EPS 3502, EPS 3503, EPS 3508, EPS 4520)

Required Twelve (12) Credits:

Select a combination of 12 credits from the following list.

  • EPS 3504 Future Trends and EPS Ventures
  • EPS 3505 Great Entrepreneurial Wealth: Creation, Preservation and Destruct​ion
  • EPS 3507 Starting and Running a Digital Media Business
  • EPS 3513 Entrepreneurship in Fashion
  • EPS 3514 Be the Change (2 credits)
  • EPS 3518 Crowdfunding,
  • EPS 3520 Managing a Growing Business
  • EPS 3524 Made in Japan: Future Technology and Cultural Excursion
  • EPS 3532 International Entrepreneurship
  • EPS 3533 Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Island Nations
  • EPS 3534 Scholar in Action Experience (2 credits)
  • EPS 3536 The Entrepreneurial Innovator
  • EPS 3540 Raising Money: VCs, Angels and Incubators
  • EPS 3541 Launch: Grow Your Existing Business
  • EPS 3550 Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • EPS 4505 Consulting in Technology Entrepreneurship (San Francisco Program)
  • EPS 4510 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • EPS 4515 Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship
  • EPS 4521 Venture Growth Strategies
  • EPS 4523 Environment and Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • EPS 4525 Living the Social Entrepreneurship Experiences
  • EPS 4527 Social Entrepreneurship by Design
  • EPS 4530/4534 Living the Entrepreneurship Experience
  • EPS 4561 Culture Society and Entrepreneurship in Developing Economy
  • MIS 3525 Enterprise 2.0: Building Social Networks
  • MIS 3555 Clouds, Platforms, and Networks
  • MIS 3610 The Mobile App: Concept to Market (2 credits)

Please note if you enrolled in Babson before Fall 2018, you are able to take EPS 3580 Marketing for Entrepreneurs and count those credits towards the required 12 credits list.