Historical and Political Studies

Courses in this category have as their primary focus the historical and political processes and patterns that have structured the relationship between individuals and communities. This concentration explores how communities attempt to reconcile the claims of justice, power, liberty, and authority, historically and in contemporary public life. By developing an interdisciplinary approach that can include law, economics, sociology, and philosophy, Historical and Political Studies is a broadly based concentration that shares the traditional aims of liberal arts education while attempting to come to grips with the origins and contemporary manifestations of major political and social issues.

Sponsored by: History and Society Division

Faculty Contact: Nabaparna Ghosh

Faculty contacts serve as advisers to those students who have an interest in the given concentration. You should feel free to contact these faculty members with questions.

Required Courses

Students must take four courses from those listed below to complete this concentration, including at least one Historical and one Political course. At least two courses must be at the advanced level (3000 or above).

Historical Courses

  • AMS 4672 Working in america: Labor in the US since 1892 
  • CVA 2002 African American History and Foodways
  • HIS 4606 History and Culture of American Business
  • HIS 4612 Drugs and Intoxicants in World History
  • HIS 4615 Warriors and Lovers
  • HIS 4626 Global Cities 
  • HSS 2000 Making of Modern America
  • HSS 2003 Latin American History  
  • HSS 2006 South Asian History
  • HSS 2013 China Today
  • HSS 2032 African History and Foodways
  • HSS 2034 Modern European History
  • HSS 2038 Modern Middle East
  • HSS 2039 Contemporary Africa
  • HSS 2058 The Modern American City
  • LIT 4682 Interdisciplinary Approach to Human Rights
  • LVA 2006 Russia in Modernity
  • VSA 4615 Early Twentieth-Century Art

Political Courses

  • CVA 2015 Political Thought
  • CVA 2033 Radical Politics Today
  • ECN 3662 Political Economy of Latin American Development and Underdevelopment
  • ENV 4600 Climate Change Politics and Policy
  • HIS 4613 The Politics of Empire
  • HSS 2025 Decolonization and Revolution in the 20th Century
  • HSS 2028 Global Politics
  • HSS 2033 Comparative Politics
  • LAW 3661 American Constitutional Law
  • POL 4630 Critical Race Studies
  • POL 4635 International Politics of Asia