Identity and Diversity

These courses use identity as a category of analysis and as subject matter, examining how its social construction reflects and determines differentials of power and opportunity. Students analyze identity groups as social agents whose biological, socialized identities and experiences are shaped by—and help shape—systems of gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic class, sexuality, and national power. This concentration is interested, above all, in the changing status of various identities over time and space.

Sponsored by: History and Society Division

Faculty Contact: Mary Godwyn

Faculty contacts serve as advisers to those students who have an interest in the given concentration. You should feel free to contact these faculty members with questions. 

Choose two courses from the required list and choose two more courses, selected from either the required or the elective list, for a total of four courses.

Required Courses

  • AMS 4672 Working in America: Labor in the United States since 1892
  • GDR 4620 The Gender Film Initiative
  • HIS 4640 Food and Civil Rights
  • HUM 4611 Latin American Fiction & Film
  • HUM 4616 From the French Revolution to the Sexual Revolution
  • HUM 4630 Extremism
  • HUM 4600 Seminar in Human Rights or
    LIT 4682 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights
  • POL 4602 Communication, Culture, and Conflict
  • POL 4630 Critical Race Studies

Elective Courses

  • CVA 2003 From Babson to New Delhi
  • CVA 2010 Gender Studies
  • CVA 2008 Cultural Anthropology
  • CVA 2033 Radical Politics Today
  • CVA 2025 Introduction to LGBTQ Cultural Studies
  • CVA 2026 Immigrants, Race, and the American Promise
  • HIS 4619 Manhattan Crossroads
  • HSS 2000 Making of Modern America
  • HSS 2030 Citizenship and Society
  • HSS 2032 African History and Foodways
  • HSS 2039 Introduction to Contemporary Africa
  • HSS 2058 The Modern American City
  • HSS 2018 Introduction to Sociology
  • HUM 4605 The Nature, Culture, and Future of Work
  • HUM 4615 City as Text: Mapping Cultural Histories in Barcelona & Madrid
  • ECN 3671 Economics of the Labor Market
  • LAW 3661 American Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
  • LIT 4661 American Autobiography
  • LVA 2010 African American Literature
  • LVA 2032 Foundations of Western Art
  • LVA 2061 Tales of the City
  • LVA 2062 Suburban America in Literature and Culture
  • LVA 2073 Middle Eastern Literature
  • LVA 2074 Literature of Witness
  • MOB 3582 Global Management Communications
  • MUS 4620 Global Pop
  • QTM 3605 Quantitative Analysis of Structural Injustice 
  • SOC 4620 Sociology of Health and Medicine