Quantitative Methods Concentration

The Quantitative Methods concentration provides tools and techniques that are widely applied in a variety of fields in business such as corporate management, investment banking, consulting, information technology, finance, economics, and marketing. This concentration focuses on applied problem-solving methodologies where quantitative models are built and used to facilitate the decision-making process. In addition, the courses in this concentration are designed to offer a fine balance between depth and breadth, relevance and rigor, critical and analytical thinking.

Sponsored by: Math and Science Division

Faculty Contact: Michelle Li

Required Courses

Choose any four (4) advanced QTM:

  • QTM 2600 Linear Algebra
  • QTM 2601 Applications of Discrete Mathematics
  • QTM 2622 Sports Application of Mathematics​
  • QTM 2623 Programming with R for Business Analytics
  • QTM 3605 Quantitative Analysis of Structural Injustice
  • QTM 3610 Applied Multivariate Statistics
  • QTM 3615 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
  • QTM 3620 Optimization Methods and Applications
  • QTM 3625 Financial Simulation
  • QTM 3635 Quantitative Methods for Machine Learning
  • QTM 3674 Cryptology and Coding Theory
  • QTM 3675 Probability for Risk Management

Elective Courses

  • OIM 3640 Problem Solving and Software Design
  • ENGR 1510 Introductory Programming (F.W. Olin College of Engineering) ​​​

QTM 2000 is not a requirement nor is it an elective counting towards this concentration. *If approved by the division chairperson, one of these courses could be replaced by a QTM selected topics or independent study research project.