Get to Know This Year’s Businesses

Meet the Class of 2022’s FME businesses.


AddMe’s mission is to encourage the creation of long-lasting relationships by creating waterproof stickers and tattoos with the customer’s personal or business QR codes. AddMe promotes an innovative way to meet others and share contact information in a quick and easy manner.

Aroma Pax

Selling slime and kinetic sand to raise awareness for anxiety and mental health.


Babograms is your one stop shop to help you celebrate your friend’s birthday! Each birthday box comes equipped with a box of Tate’s bake shop cookies, a birthday card, birthday hat, 2 noisemakers, and 2 balloons all wrapped up in a classy box all for $20! $5 of each box goes to Cradles to Crayons, so that you can help a child in need to celebrate their birthday.


BaboOutfitters is a shirt design company whose goal is to foster community through our unique array of designs which combine school spirit with pop culture and streetwear. Our designs are made by students with students in mind, so you know you are getting genuine quality. We also offer package deals for clubs and organizations which include a custom logo/design and all necessary apparel items for their events.

Boston Hat Company

Boston Hat Company is an innovative hat company that is selling Boston themed hats designed by local Boston artists. We believe that we are creating “local hats with a wicked awesome purpose.”

Bring The Noise!

Bring The Noise! aims to increase school spirit on Babson’s campus by turning passive sports fans into active ones. We sell high quality customized foam fingers and other spirit paraphernalia to encourage peers to show their support for each other. Our goal is to get some more green in the crowds and foster a supportive community on campus.

Cacti 4 A Cause

Cacti 4 A Cause is a venture that aims to raise awareness for Habitat for humanity by selling decorative cacti for college students to purchase and decorate their dorms with. The goal is to add a little more flavor to college dorm rooms while also making a positive impact by donating and spreading awareness for Habitat for humanity.

Canine Voice

Canine Voice sells portable Bluetooth speaker systems with access to a large downloadable message library tailored towards service dogs. These pre-recorded messages, as well as any custom messages, can be played for bystanders. Canine Voice also sells the speaker without the messages for a discounted price.

Cats on Campus

Cats on Campus is a service-based venture that plans to bring a new form of stress relief to Babson via weekly events where students who are stressed or miss their pets can interact with local shelter kittens and instantly see their impact through the cats’ expressions. Cats on Campus’ goal is to provide effective stress relief through general interaction with the cats—enabling students and faculty to play with and walk. Cats on Campus seeks to not only benefit the students at hand but the cats as well through the vast amounts of students that attend Babson, as shelter cats often do not receive the amount of human interaction to properly socialize them for adoption. We work with Off the Rocks Rescue and Stray Pets in Need and donate 50% of each event’s profits directly to the shelters. We also accept donations.

Compost Connect

Our business connects small institutions such as restaurants with compost facilities. We then collect a percentage of the contract signed between the compost facility and small institution. We have talked to CERO, which is Babson’s composting facility, and are planning to negotiate our percentage to above 3%.

Conscious Caps

Conscious Caps strives to spread social awareness about marine conservation through the production of trendy and fashionable hats. Our marine ecosystem is vulnerable to many threats like oil spills, plastic debris, and urban runoff of chemicals and pollutants. Sea turtles—especially young hatchlings and juveniles—are one of the many victims of man-made ocean pollution.

Our team believes that the company holds the duty to promote and encourage the health and well-being of our oceans. The company hopes that our merchandise will spark informative discussions in local communities regarding important environmental issues. Our baseball-style hats are not merely a sportswear item, but a simple and universal fashion staple that is guaranteed to turn people’s heads. Both men and women equally enjoy accessorizing with this latest fashion trend as part of their everyday look, no matter rain or shine!

Half of our profits will be donated directly towards a non-profit environmental advocacy group, Ocean Conservancy, to support their mission in protecting marine life.


Crunchie Co. is a company that provides an unparalleled selection of stylish scrunchies and neckties. We pride ourselves in being a sustainable company that locally creates our products out of recycled clothing.

Cultural Box

Our product consists on a box that contains different items (handmade stuff, etc.) that represent Japanese culture. Moreover, we are planning to have boxes from other countries in the second semester.

Dust In Case

Dust In Case is a cleaning service for Babson students on campus. We want to create a clean environment, free of germs and dust to promote a healthy environment.

Energy Tap

Energy Tap will be selling and delivering prepackaged food and beverage workout products. The venture will host pop-up stands in Webster Athletic Center as well as sell products through its website.

Entry Media

Entry Media bridges the gap between idea and reality by providing high-quality, cost-effective, and curated marketing solutions to FME teams and students organizations.


Epi•Nourish is a beauty box filled with an assortment of all natural skincare products. The products vary from facemasks to lip scrubs and are very simple to use. They can be used as an addition to your skincare routine or give you a glimpse into the natural skincare world.

Guardian Wallet

Guardian Wallet is an RFID protected phone wallet that protects against identity fraud. Our mission is to educate young people about the seriousness and costs of identity theft. The wallet can comfortably hold two cards and is featured in either black or grey.


Imprint brings together youth to write, design, and empower other youth through important lessons. Our first book is written by a 12-year-old author and teaches the Golden Rule. By placing the name of a child in our book, alongside your own personal message, you are making the child the hero of their story.

IWear Apparel

IWear Apparel’s mission is to provide fashionable and sustainably-made apparel that brings awareness to and helps fund current social and environmental causes.

We currently sell three shirts that have designs related to gender equality, ocean pollution, and climate change and our proceeds will go towards nonprofits that help combat these problems.


We are a Babson branded portable charger business, helping you get the charge you need fast.

Mitts for Love

Mitts for Love is a venture that sells Babson-specific mittens and uses half of its revenue to purchase mittens for a homeless shelter in the Greater Boston area, Pine Street Inn. Warm hands, warm hearts!


NotKnot offers an innovative, customizable, and inexpensive alternative to the rudimentary process of tying shoelaces. It is a device that uses a spring-loaded mechanism and elastic laces to make the process of tying shoelaces more efficient and convenient. Users such as athletes can benefit from fewer incidents of untied laces while training while children can play in a safer, tripping-free environment.


At Pawprints, our motto is "Spread Comfort. Spread Compassion." We’re all about having good times with friends and forming a tight-knit community by delivering fun, animal-themed apparel to the college community. Our animal-themed clothing aims to raise animal endangerment awareness by including fact cards with each purchase and donating part of our proceeds to WWF.


Phlanket is a blanket business that aims to bring warmth to the people in need.

Pivot Plastics

We sell bracelets made in Djenne, Mali of recycled plastics taken from river ways. Our goal is to promote social entrepreneurship and environmental responsibility. For every $7.50 we spend at our wholesaler, they provide a meal to a child at an orphanage in Mali.


A silicon wristband that also serves as a USB iPhone charging cable. The wristband can open and then the user connects their iPhone to a power source using the wristband.


ProBottle is a product that combines integrated sustainability and athletic ease. It is a stainless steel bottle offers both great insulation to keep the water ice cold as well excellent durability. The bottle also incorporates a water filter at the end of the straw that eliminates most chlorine taste and odor from tap water.


RecoverTee is a venture that represents the ultimate recovery experience for athletes and gym-goers everywhere. Our product is an originally designed compression shirt with body-tight pockets sewn into the lining, built with the purpose of holding ice packs or bags close to the muscles after working out any region of the upper-body. The pockets are located in major target areas of muscles such as the shoulders, the pectorals, the biceps, the elbow and forearm areas, the shoulder blades, and the back. We are dedicated to getting athletes back into the game at full speed during a long season, as we recognize the toll intense exercise can take on the body over long periods of time. With RecoverTee, athletes can experience for the first time an icing recovery process that is mobile, comfortable, and efficient. Recovery will no longer be a chore, but rather an opportunity for efficiency. Our venture uses environmentally stable manufacturers and we are dedicated to the customers’ quality experience with our product. Today, our team continues to innovate new products under the RecoverTee brand, helping athletes perform at maximum capacity every day.

Selfless Socks

Selfless Socks aims to generate excitement for Babson Centennial while simultaneously helping underprivileged children. We strive to provide our customers with high quality, comfortable socks that show off their Babson pride.

Sheet Cheat

The Sheet Cheat was designed with residential students in mind. It’s annoying to have your fitted sheets untucking and the mattress pad sliding around, and with the Sheet Cheat these two problems can be fixed easily! The Sheet Cheat is made up of elastic band that goes around the mattress and mattress pad, with metal clips to clip onto the fitted sheet.


SmartSwipe is a team of enthusiastic students that create card holders that adhere to the back of your cellphone, perfect to carry all of your on the go essentials. We provide inexpensive yet effective marketing materials to advertise as far as any phone travels.


Terra is a jewelry company that sells handmade bracelets and miniature terrariums. Focusing on sustainability, Terra has a partnership with One Tree Planted who will plant a tree for every product sold.


TimeSwap is a platform that allows Babson students to perform tasks for other Babson students at a certain price. These students will be called Swappers and will be paid weekly. Our customers will use the TimeSwap app that is available on both app store and play store. The customers will be able to put in any task in the application and set a customized price.


UPcycle sells sea-foam blue t shirts made of recycled plastic to raise awareness about ocean pollution. Our mission is to create change through comfort, style, & sustainability.


VerdeExpress is an on-campus inventory of foods and consumables available for purchase by Babson Students. Goods can be delivered directly to the customer to any location on campus. We are carbon neutral and a fast and simple alternative to grocery shopping for students


We want to help students successfully adapt to their roommates’ sleeping schedules. Our product is a wristband that uses vibrations to wake up the user. The wristband also includes other benefits such as date, time, pedometer, and a calorie counter so it can be worn during the day as well.