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Current FME Ventures

Get to Know This Year’s Ventures

FME students have been hard at work creating and launching their ventures. You can view the business cards for each venture below and learn more about a particular venture by clicking on their business card. Ventures have been grouped based on the industry that their product falls in. These industries include:

  • Apparel & Fashion
  • Consumer Goods
  • Finance & Investments 
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Pets
  • Professional Services
  • Technology 

Apparel & Fashion

a bit bruised.  »
Section 15

Sustainably sourced sweatshirts.

Babo Pouches »
Section 5

Organizational Pouch for small accessories like wires, stationary and jewelry accompanied with a sticker of the Babson Logo.

BaboThrift »
Section 1

BaboThrift is a venture that seeks to combat the issue of unwanted items.

Holster Menswear »
Section 7

Holster is an online service that connects customers with underwear that fits their sizing and functional needs.

Make It Stay »
Section 19

Disposable stickers to prevent makeup smudges and stains on the inside of a mask.

Sisuno »
Section 16

Necklaces designed to empower women.

Section 14

Fitness apparel company.

The Campus Drip »
Section 8

Selling clothing items unique to Babson.

To the Moon »
Section 13

Selling clothing branded towards people interested in investing in stocks or cryptocurrency.

Worry Watcher »
Section 16

Bracelets to manage both stress and anxiety.

Consumer Goods

Babo Bags »
Section 14

Reusable bag to reduce plastic waste.

Babo UPdate »
Section 6

Planners to help people better organize their schedules.

Bee Kind Soap Co. »
Section 8

High quality, all-natural soaps.

BIG Bin »
Section 18

Bokashi composting bins.

Blanks Tapestries »
Section 4

Versatile, customizable tapestries (your photo, design or flag), which you can take off the wall and use outside as a blanket.

Clean Clip »
Section 13

A keychain which has a disinfectant wipe container, a door opener, and a stylus and pen attached to it.

Cozi Confetti »
Section 3

We make curated care packages for individuals who want to stay connected with friends.

ForU »
Section 15

A platform for students to buy and sell items from other students.

HaloChip »
Section 14

A single-use date rape drug detector test.

Juno Ink Books »
Section 3

Juno Ink Books aims to help young girls identify inappropriate behaviors by educating them about their bodies at a young age with our unique and interactive books.

Mask By Me »
Section 9

Mask kits for children to customize their own masks.

Potty Pods »
Section 4

Potty Pods are a bathroom cleaning agent that releases one of four scents: bergamot, lemon, rose, and sea glass.

SafeKey »
Section 19

Multi-tool that includes a hook to open doors and hold bags, a tip to press buttons, and a detachable stylus.

Shower Express »
Section 1

Shower Express provides wash sets containing all the tools needed for a sustainable and exfoliating wash experience.

Section 2

The SparkStand is designed to improve posture and camera angle by eliminating the tendency to hunch over computers.

Sticker Pack »
Section 14

Original stickers to help customers express themselves.

UnMasked »
Section 14

Face masks branded with the Corey Griffin Foundation logo.

Your Story! »
Section 15

A customizable ebook for children to learn about diversity, inclusion, and leadership at a young age.

Finance & Investments

CSConnection »
Section 15

Connecting college start-ups to early stage investors.

Fitness & Wellness

Baboo  »
Section 1

Baboo aims to provide students with stylish, easily-maintained bamboo plants to accent work and living spaces.

Uni-Net Sports »
Section 9

Portable sports net.

Marketing & Advertising


Pet+ »
Section 18

Online pet services website.

Professional Services


Campus Connect »
Section 4

Campus Connect will eliminate the need to check the multitude of accounts, group chats, and emails to find information about campus events.

FlipFlix »
Section 1

FLIPFLIX is an app that helps you find movies much faster.

LineAway »
Section 8

App that gives users waiting times at Trim Dining Hall.

The experience is more than just learning how to launch a startup. It’s about exploring career options. It’s about identifying and creating opportunities, ​understanding personal goals, managing team dynamics, and communicating effectively. Above all, it’s about turning ideas into action.”
Rob Major
Director, Undergraduate Administration, Undergraduate School