Fall 2021 Undergraduate Awards

IDG Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Information Technology

Tingxuan Li

This award is presented to a junior who demonstrates excellence in information technology and is concentrating in MIS and/or Entrepreneurship.

Community Impact Award

Tyson Corner

Any student in any class is eligible for this award. The award is presented to a student or organization who has made the most creative contribution to and innovative impact on the Babson community.

Babson College Outstanding Philanthropic Activity Award

Giullia Jaques Caldeira

Presented to a student or organization who has gone above and beyond and given more of themselves than any program or institution could possibly ask.

Michael Sainovich Memorial Award

Jessica Ross
Nathan Watts

This award is presented to a sophomore man and woman who, as first-year students at Babson, excelled academically and, through involvement in activities, made significant contributions to the college community.

Ralph Z. Sorenson H’85 and Charlotte R. Sorenson Scholarship Award for Meritorious Achievement

Deng Chol
Abigail vanLuling

This scholarship is presented to two students who have excelled both in the classroom and in co-curricular activities in their sophomore or junior year.

Heather Maloy Award

Ester Toledo

This award is presented to a junior who best exemplifies those qualities that made Heather such a special student in the Babson community. The award recipient must demonstrate hard work and dedication in both curricular and co-curricular life, drive, optimism, and a sense of perseverance through any challenge.

Michael J. Conlon ’96 and Michelle J. Conlon ’94 Memorial Scholarship Award

Katherine Healy
Scott Davidson

Presented to members of the junior class who exemplify the qualities and characteristics Michael and Michelle exhibited through their four years at Babson, making them such special members of our community. The recipients need to exhibit leadership, academic achievement, and a love for Babson.