Babson College will be altering regular operations due to the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Babson College has made the decision to significantly limit events and activities on campus through March 31, 2020 as we continue to monitor the evolving 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts. Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our community and visitors. As a result, the Graduate Admissions team will not be holding any on-campus events or other programming during this time. We hope you’ll join us virtually in the meantime. We are continuously adding new options for you to connect with us on a remote basis. Check out our upcoming events below, connect with our admissions team, or take an online virtual tour of campus. We look forward to connecting with you!

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    Finance Fridays: The Financial Impact of COVID-19

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    Sponsored by The Stephen. D Cutler Center for Investments and Finance, this weekly webinar series will focus on the financial impact of COVID-19. Join us each week to learn from faculty and alumni thought leaders as they discuss and answer your questions on various topics amidst the current crisis.Friday, March 27: Associate Professor Jerome Taillard - Past and Present Crisis: The Policy ResponseWe have witnessed tremendous economic growth around the globe in the last century. But the path to growth is all but linear. Crises of all kinds occur regularly. Governments and the policies they enact become essential in guaranteeing swift recoveries. We will explore the playbook governments use in crises. In doing so, we will uncover the role of key policy makers, how their actions affect markets and the overall economy, and ultimately lead to a recovery. Past crises as well as the current one will be discussed!Access the recording and slides here.Friday, April 3: Associate Professor Steven Feinstein - Lawsuits: Securities Litigation Precipitated by the COVID-19 Crash While COVID-19 has wrought harm to health, it also caused a financial market crash. A surge in litigation, including allegations of fraud, often follows a major market loss. Some allegations are tied directly to the factors that caused the crash. But more cases focus on fraud that is exposed by the crash. Still others address what is said and done in the wake, after the economic disruptions have begun. Corporations are owned by investors but run by their agents. For the system to work, rewards and honest information must be shared equitably. This webinar, citing new and precedent cases, and anticipated imminent cases, will explore what happens when the rules are broken.Access the recording and slides here.Friday, April 10:Assistant Professor Luke Stein - Measuring Market Volatility Friday, April 17: Lecturer Glenn Migliozzi, CFA - Hedge Funds, Price Volatility, and the Career Ending Margin Calls As a former hedge fund manager, seeded by Julian Robertson of Tiger Management, Glenn will offer a front-row experience of starting, managing, and closing a fund, and discuss strategies for managing through market volatility like we're experiencing today. The fund he managed was a short-biased credit hedge fund that used Credit Default Swaps to exploit market inefficiencies. Hedge Funds and other Alternative Investments are complements to traditional investments of publicly traded stocks and bonds that have limitations and imperfections. Some hedge fund strategies require significant price volatility to generate real performance alpha: Global Macro Strategies, Managed Futures, Distress Securities, and Short-Biased Funds. Several strategies require low volatility to generate outsized returns but require significant leverage: Merger Related Strategies, and Convertible Bond/Fixed Income Arbitrage. Finally, some fund strategies require minimal market volatility and leverage while depending upon security selection to outperform; Long Short Equity and Market Neutral Strategies. Margin calls can have risky consequences, particularly in today's market environment, so exercising caution is more important than ever. Learn ways to mitigate these risks, exploit market inefficiencies, and discuss various alternative investment strategies that can help manage through these volatile market conditions that we're experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.Friday, April 24: Lecturer Paul Griesmer - Current Crisis and the Impact on Real Estate Friday, May 1: Senior Lecturer Patrick Gregory, CFA & John Bailer, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager for Large Cap Dividend Portfolios, Mellon - Equity Market Turmoil: Finding Opportunities while Mitigating RiskThe Babson community, including students, staff, faculty and alumni are invited to join. Find out more >>