Applying to Business School? Do These Four Things First.

Thinking about applying to grad school? Babson’s Graduate Admissions team can guide you through the application process. Here’s how to get ready for Babson:

1. Engage with the Admissions Team and Faculty

Whether it’s attending an admission-related event, consulting with our admissions team, or meeting with a Babson graduate, you will gain invaluable insights into how a Babson degree can align with your personal career goals. We recommend attending two to four admissions activities during your application process. Browse our upcoming events for options that include:

  • Visitor programs with faculty
  • On-campus events, such as Women and Diversity Preview Day
  • Webinars
  • Information sessions
  • Grad fairs
  • Mock classes

2. Communicate Your Story

The strongest Babson applicants can illustrate their tenacity, ambition, and goals through their personal stories. Consider how you want to tell your compelling journey and to articulate how a Babson education would help you achieve your future goals. Also, think about how you would contribute to the Babson community during your time as a student. Get more tips about essay writing »

3. Know Before You Go

Explore the innovative, action-based curriculum for our MBA, MSBA, MSEL, and MSF programs. Babson is known for our hands-on learning experiences, including consulting opportunities while earning your degree. You also can:

  • Discover the resources offered by our Center for Career Development, including career fairs and industry spotlights
  • Explore available elective courses in each program
  • Test out an MBA elective class
  • Participate in workshops and certification programs

Before you start working toward your degree, you may consider brushing up on certain skills that will help you succeed in the classroom. There are a number of resources you can use including, and Babson WebEx.

4. Plan Your Finances

Deciding to pursue a graduate business degree is an investment in your future. As you think about how to finance that decision, consider merit-based scholarship awards, available student loans, financing options, and the return on investment enjoyed by graduates. As you prepare to apply, you should:

  • Consider the value of the Babson degree and how much individual contribution you are prepared to undertake
  • Talk to the Babson admissions team about your financial plans