Frequently Asked Questions

How may I learn more about Babson if I can’t come to campus?
We encourage you to join us for upcoming events including virtual class visits, online conversations with current students, and more! Prospective students can join virtual Admission Events and Babson’s virtual tour to get a firsthand look at the Babson graduate experience

May I request an interview with someone from Admissions or a faculty member?
MBA interviews are by invitation and scheduled through the Graduate Admissions Portal. If selected for an interview, you will receive an email notification directing you to schedule your interview. For Specialized Master’s and Certificate program applicants, an invitation to complete your video interview will be sent once your application is submitted. Videos are due within 14 days of your application submission.

We encourage those who are early in the application process and interested in learning more about Babson’s graduate programs to schedule a meeting to chat with a member of our admissions team through the appropriate link (Full-Time Graduate Program/​Part-Time Graduate Programs). This will not be considered an interview for admission, but rather provides the student with an opportunity to learn more before applying for a graduate program.

How should I contact Graduate Admissions?
The contact information for Graduate Admissions is available on our website. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. ET

If you need to send something by courier, please use this address:

F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College
Graduate Admissions
231 Forest Street
Babson Park, MA 02457-0310

Do graduate students have access to a health club or athletic facilities?
Yes, graduate students are invited to use the state-of-the-art Babson Recreation and Athletics Complex.

Is there someone who will help me decide which courses to take? Do I have an adviser?
Yes, all students will have dedicated academic advisors while in the program. The Office of Graduate Academic Services can provide information on program requirements and elective curricula, help you make connections with partner offices and campus resources, facilitate independent research requests, process any changes to your academic status, and advise you on academic matters.

May I take classes at the Boston campus?
Babson Boston provides opportunities for students, alumni, faculty, staff, as well as corporate and nonprofit partners, to learn, gather, collaborate, and innovate through graduate-level courses, special programming, and networking events. Part-Time MBA courses, CAM courses, and some elective courses are offered at our 100 High Street location in the heart of the financial district.

Which programs are available at the Babson Miami campus?
Babson Miami is home to our Miami Blended Learning MBA program. Students also are welcome to participate in the Certificate in Advanced Management program from Babson’s Miami campus. If you’re interested, we invite you to speak with your admissions representative. In the meantime, enjoy this virtual tour of the Miami campus.

May students enrolled in graduate programs at other institutions take courses at Babson?
Students who are in good academic standing and actively pursuing a graduate degree at another accredited academic institution may apply to take classes as a Visiting Student at Babson.

What are the application deadlines?
The application timetable lists the admission application deadlines and corresponding decision dates for the current year.

Why are there several deadlines for each program?
Our admissions decision process involves more than one round of decisions, each associated with an application deadline and notification date. In general, we recommend applying as early as possible.

What is rolling admissions?
Rolling admissions means that we will continue to review applications until all seats in the program have been filled or until the start of the program.

How long will it take to receive a decision after my application is completed?
Candidates should refer to the Babson Graduate Programs Application Timetable regarding when to expect an admission decision. You are encouraged to log in to your Babson Graduate Admissions Portal account regularly in order to verify that all required documents have been received by Graduate Admissions.

Who may I ask to write my recommendations if I don't have professional work experience?
For some programs, we require professional (non-academic) recommendations. This could include a work, internship, or field experience supervisor. For other programs, we require a recommendation from an academic professor or faculty member who can speak to your strengths and ability to work in teams, or a combination of academic and professional recommendations. Please visit our apply page for details on each program’s requirements.

Is the GMAT/GRE required for Fall 2022 program entry?
Due to constraints brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the admissions committee has moved to a test-optional policy. GMAT/GRE test scores will be optional for all full-time graduate applicants with a 2022 program entry. We will continue to use a holistic review process that evaluates your quantitative readiness, past academic performance, written and verbal communication through essays and interview, and career potential and/or progress through your resume and references.

You are welcome to submit a test score and we’ll be happy to consider this score as part of your application review. Please note that quantitative and academic readiness is a large component of any graduate business program, and applicants who have minimal quantitative experience as expressed on their transcripts or work experience may want to submit a test score to help showcase their quantitative aptitude.

If my program requires a standardized test, which is preferred—the GMAT or the GRE?
Graduate Admissions accepts either the GMAT or the GRE. Both exams have similar content, questions, and format. The best method for choosing an exam is to do a practice GMAT and a practice GRE. The table below compares the two exams.

Test Areas Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytics Analytics (2 essays), Verbal, Quantitative, and Experimental
Registration Fee $250 $205 in most locations
Mode of Administration Computer-adaptive Computer-adaptive or paper-based
Duration of Score Validity 5 Years 5 Years
Length of Test 3½–4 hours 3+ hours
Score Range 200–800 260–346

What is the minimum GMAT or GRE score?
Test scores vary by degree program. Visit your program page of interest to view the statistics from the previous class. If you have additional questions, reach out to graduate admissions to connect with your admissions representative.

What is your school code for the GMAT?
Please report your GMAT score using these Pearson VUE codes:

  • One-Year MBA Program: 8JQ-9Z-52
  • Two-Year MBA Program: 8JQ-9Z-06
  • Master in Entrepreneurial Leadership: 8JQ-9Z-13
  • Master of Science in Finance: 8JQ-9Z-20
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics: 8JQ-9Z-27

What is your school code for the GRE?
Our ETS reporting code for the GRE is 3075.

How long will it take Graduate Admissions to receive my GMAT/GRE scores?
It generally takes three to four weeks for your official scores to be reported to the Babson College Office of Graduate Admissions. Please note that you are able to apply and have your application reviewed with unofficial score reports. If you need to order a score report to be sent to us after test day, you may do so online, through the mail, over the phone, or via fax by contacting GMAT or ETS (for the GRE). You also can check to see if Babson has received your test score by logging in to your Graduate Admissions Portal account.

Do I need to take the TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, or PTE?
TOEFL iBT, IELTS, Duolingo, or PTE test scores and official English translations of all required academic documents must be submitted if:

  • Your native language is not English.
  • You have NOT earned a bachelor’s or master’s from an institution in the United States, U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or India.

When completing your application, you will have the option to choose a waiver reason from the options below:

  • Your native language is English.
  • You have earned a degree from an institution in a country other than the United States, where the ONLY language of instruction was English.
    • On your transcript it should clearly state that the sole medium of instruction is English. If this is not listed on your transcript, please provide a letter from your institution or a link to the school’s website that states that English is the sole medium of instruction.
  • The official national language of your country of citizenship is English.
  • You have been employed in the United States full time for at least two consecutive years.

Babson reserves the right to request a TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, or PTE test score from all international applicants.

The table below provides more information on recommended minimum scores and school codes.

 Recommended Minimum ScoreInformation and Registration Forms
TOEFL (iBT) 100 ETS – Babson’s ETS reporting code: 3075
TOEFL Essentials 11 ETS – Babson’s ETS reporting code: 3075
PTE 65 Pearson – Babson’s Pearson program code: WFS-5T-20
Duolingo English Test 120 Duolingo

What is the minimum undergraduate GPA?
There is no minimum GPA requirement to apply. Those students whose GPA is below the average are still encouraged to apply.

Does my undergraduate degree fulfill Babson’s minimum requirement?
All applicants to our graduate programs must have a degree from an accredited college or university that is equivalent to a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree. The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) maintains a list of member organizations that provide transcript evaluation services for international applicants. Additional details on the requirements for international transcripts can be found on our international students admissions page.

My Bachelor’s degree was completed in 3 years. Am I still eligible to apply?
Students who have completed a bachelor's degree (whether in the U.S. or abroad) are eligible to apply. For degrees granted from an institution outside of the U.S., U.K., or Canada, you must provide an equivalence evaluation of your degree if you are admitted and choose to enroll at Babson. Babson prefers the following evaluation services:

World Education Services, Inc.

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.

International Education Research Foundation

A final credential evaluation is required if your degree was not conferred at the time of your first evaluation. Most services charge a small additional fee to have the evaluation updated once the degree is conferred.

What are the requirements when reapplying?
If you are reapplying within a one year period, you should log-in to the Graduate Admissions Portal with the same sign-on credentials that you previously used. It is required that you submit a new resume, and suggested that you submit a new recommendation. If it is beyond one year, you must submit a new application and meet all application requirements, however, we will retain the transcript/s that you originally submitted.

Where do I send my transcripts?
Please send your transcripts to:

F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College
Graduate Admissions/Olin Hall
Babson Park, MA 02457-0310

If you are using a courier or express service and need a street address, you may use this address:

F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College
Graduate Admissions/Olin Hall
231 Forest Street
Babson Park, MA 02457-0310

Is there any way to get an application fee waiver?
Students may qualify for an application fee waiver by attending and actively engaging in one of our upcoming virtual events. Register for an upcoming event!

Fee waivers also are available for members of:

  • The United States military (active and those who have previously served)
  • AmeriCorps
  • City Year
  • Jesuit Volunteer Corps
  • Peace Corps
  • Teach for America

Candidates applying through the following programs also are eligible for an application fee waiver:

  • JumpStart Advisory Group
  • Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)
  • Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA)
  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  • Leadership Brainery

Who should I contact if my email or mailing address changes?
Please contact the Graduate Admissions Office with your updated email or mailing address information. You may call at 781-239-4317 or email

May I request a deferral if I can’t attend the semester to which I was admitted?
Deferrals are granted on a case-by-case basis. Very few are made each year. Please speak with your admissions representative regarding the circumstances that have changed your enrollment plans. You also will be required to submit a formal letter of request.

How may I apply for a scholarship? What are my chances of being awarded one?
There is a question on the graduate application that asks whether an applicant would like to be considered for merit-based scholarships. All applicants to Babson's graduate programs who indicate “yes” on that question are automatically considered for scholarships based on merit, and there is no way for us to predict the likelihood of your receiving a scholarship until we thoroughly review your application. We do not offer any need-based scholarships.

Graduate students also may apply for loans. For additional details on student loan options, visit our Loan Programs webpage.

What are my options for financing my studies?
We recommend that you begin exploring your options by visiting Babson Student Financial Services. If you have any questions, please contact your SFS counselor. Counselors are assigned by each student’s last name, and you may find their contact information on the SFS website.

How many credits do I need to take each semester to receive federal loans?
Students need to maintain half-time status (6 credits) each semester in order to receive federal loans. There are private loan options available for students who are less than half time. (Note: CAM students enrolled in 4.5 or more credits are considered to be enrolled half time.)

My employer provides tuition reimbursement, but only after I’ve passed a class. Is there a tuition payment plan?
There is a payment program specifically designed for students whose employers offer tuition assistance or remission. This program lets you pay one-third of the tuition up front. The remaining two-thirds does not come due until after the semester has ended. To enroll in this program, contact Student Financial Services and request an application form.

Is the MBA STEM eligible?
Babson offers multiple concentrations, which are available to all MBA students and can be the perfect method to focus your studies in a tangible way. Students who successfully complete one of our STEM eligible concentrations graduate with a STEM-designated MBA.

The other STEM-designated graduate programs at Babson are the Master of Science in Finance program and the Master of Science in Business Analytics program.

How many years of work experience do I need to apply to the MBA? Is there a maximum?
Babson MBA applicants are expected to have a minimum of 3 years of full-time post graduate work experience by the start of the program. There is no maximum for years of work experience. Students in the programs range from 3–25+ years of work experience. If you have questions about your fit, schedule a time to connect with your admissions representative to discuss which program may be the best fit for you.

What is the main difference between the One Year and the Two Year MBA?
The Babson MBA curriculum is 45 credits, no matter which path you take. All full-time students earn their first 15 credits through the Core, a collection of courses and real-world learning challenges designed to build a practical business foundation. Use your remaining 30 credits to explore electives in the topics that matter most to you.

The main difference between the One Year MBA and the Two Year MBA is the duration, pace, and the summer semester of the Two Year MBA program which students often leverage to take part in internships or incubator programs. Questions about which program is the best fit? Reach out to your admissions representative to discuss which program might be a better fit for you.

As a part-time student, do I need to be on campus for anything besides classes?
With the option to take your part-time MBA courses fully online, you are not required to be on campus. However, part-time students may choose to take on-campus classes as part of their degree. Babson also offers a wide range of on-campus activities and community building opportunities that range from educational to career-focused, as well as social. We encourage you to take part in whatever activities work for your schedule, interests, and goals.

May I take classes online?
Babson offers the flexibility for students to take classes online, in person, or a combination of the two based on their individual needs.

Which class formats are available to part-time students and do I need to commit to one?
Part-time students can pick from both core and elective courses without being locked into just one format. You will have options that include fully in-person classes at either our Wellesley or Boston campus, fully online classes, hybrid blended learning classes, weekend intensives, and even electives abroad.

May part-time students participate in international electives?
Yes! Part-time students are eligible to participate in international electives and find that traveling abroad to visit businesses is both educational and fun.

What is the length of the program?
The Blended Learning MBA – Miami program takes place over a two-year duration. There is no coursework during the summer semester.

Where is Babson’s Miami campus located?
Babson Miami is located in the heart of the financial district in Brickell. The address is 1200 Brickell Ave #300, Miami, FL 33131.

May I complete the program fully remotely?
The Blended Learning MBA is a cohorted program that combines both online classes and face-to-face sessions out of Babson’s Miami campus. Cohorts will meet in person on the Miami campus from Thursday until Sunday, three times per semester over the two-year program duration. The program is designed for working professionals, and will require minimal time off work to attend the in-person sessions during the work day. If you are interested in completing an MBA fully online, we encourage you to check out Babson’s Part-Time MBA.

May I take classes on the Wellesley campus?
Students in this program move through the curriculum with their cohort. The curriculum is lockstep and the only courses you will take in person will be on the Miami campus. However, you are free to engage with our centers and institutes, clubs and organizations, as well as visit, attend events, and use resources from our Wellesley campus.

May international students work in the U.S. during this program?
F-1 international students may not work in the U.S. in any capacity without prior authorization. Students in the Blended Learning MBA – Miami program are eligible to pursue internships upon completion of two semesters in F-1 status by obtaining Optional Practical Training (OPT) authorization. OPT must be obtained from USCIS, whether pre-completion for internships during the program or post-completion for employment opportunities after graduation. Pre-completion OPT is deducted from the 12 months of total OPT allowed, but any part-time OPT used counts at half-time. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is not available to students in this program. For more information, please contact International Student and Scholar Services at

May I waive the GMAT/GRE?
GMAT/GRE test scores will be optional for all full-time graduate applicants with a 2022 program entry. Visit our apply page for more details.

What are the prerequisites for enrollment in the Specialized Master’s program?
MSEL and MSF candidates should have demonstrated educational foundation in financial accounting, finance, statistics, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. If you have questions about whether your academic record meets the prerequisites, please contact graduate admissions.

What is the format of classes?
Babson’s full-time specialized master’s programs take place on campus and in person, allowing for a tight-knit cohorted experience. If you have questions about the Wellesley campus, please contact graduate admissions.

What is the expected time of completion for the Specialized Master’s programs?
Babson’s MSEL degree is a 9 month, 30-credit program. Students in the MSF and MSBA programs have the option to complete their 30-credit program over 9 months (2 semesters) or 16 months (3 semesters in addition to the summer break). Pending admission, MSF and MSBA students will be able to connect with your academic advisor to discuss which program length might be the best fit based on your goals.