Tuition and Other Expenses

Graduate tuition rates are set annually by Babson College’s Board of Trustees. Rates for the 2021-2022 academic year are listed here. 

Total Estimated Costs

May 2021-May 2022

Tuition (full program) $89,550


Estimated Tuition Costs for the Full Program: September 2021–May 2023

First-year tuition ​2021–2022 $71,564
​Second-year tuition ​2022–2023 $43,680
Total tuition for program  ​ $115,244

Tentative rate; assumes standard progression through the program.

Current Second-year Tuition  2021-2022                  $1,990 per credit

September 2021–May 2022

Tuition (per credit) $1,820 
​Program Fee  ​$4,000


Fall 2021–Summer 2022

​Tuition (per credit) $1,820


Fall 2021–Summer 2022

​Tuition (per credit) for students entering prior to summer 2017 ​$1,820
​​Tuition (per credit) for students entering summer 2017 and later ​$1,990


September 2021–May 2022

Tuition (per credit) $1,820 


Fall 2021–Summer 2022

​Tuition (per credit) $1,990


Fall 2021–Summer 2022

​Tuition (per credit) for students entering prior to fall 2019 $1,962​
​Tuition (per credit) for students entering fall 2019 and later ​$1,990


Blended Learning MBA— Fall 2021–Summer 2022

Tuition (per credit) for students entering prior to fall 2021 $1,962
Tuition (per credit) for students entering fall 2021 $1,990


Fall 2021–Summer 2022

Tuition (per credit)  $1,820

Current 2020-2021 rates

Two Year MBA, Part Time/Evening MBA and MS Programs 

Health Insurance* $2,347

One Year MBA

Health Insurance* $3,154

*Full-time students are required by Massachusetts law to carry health insurance. The College contracts with University Health Plans to provide coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Optional dental insurance and vision insurance are also available. Students covered under another health plan that meets Massachusetts requirements may waive participation in the Babson College Plan. Students with coverage from insurance carriers outside the United States or coverage by non-U.S. national health service programs may not waive participation.

Incremental Costs for International Education Abroad

Typical cost ranges are listed below. For additional information on specific Elective and Semester Abroad opportunities, visit the Glavin Office of International Education​.

 Elective AbroadSemester Abroad
Length of program 1–2 weeks 12–15 weeks
Number of MBA credits 3 12–15
Program fee $1,800–$3,200 $0
Airfare $800–$1,800 $1,000–$2,000
Housing Included in program fee $3,000–$5,000
Food $500–$600 $1,600–$2,300
Local transportation Included in program fee $200–$600
Personal $200–$400 $2,000–$2,900
Total (not including tuition) $3,300–$6,000 $7,800–$12,800

Tuition for Electives and Semester Abroad is in addition to these cost estimates and is billed on a per-credit basis as with other electives.

September 2021-May 2022

Housing (avg.) $14,202
Food (avg.) $6,312
Books and Supplies (avg.) $76/credit
Personal (avg.) $2,812
Federal Direct Loan Fees (avg.) $218
Transportation (avg.) $2,114
Total Living Expenses $25,658 (plus books depending on anticipated credits)

2020–2021 Miscellaneous Expenses

Returned Payment Fee $50
Late Payment Fee $200
Babson OneCard Replacement $20

Payment for miscellaneous expenses is due 10 days after notification unless otherwise indicated. These charges vary and can include vehicle registration, parking tickets, library fines, and pharmacy charges.