January Enrollment

The January enrollment option allows students to explore and pursue their passions in the fall semester, and to begin their Babson experience in January, Babson’s spring semester.

In addition to the roughly 600 students that Babson enrolls each fall, Babson also enrolls 100 first-year students who begin their studies in January. These “January Admits” enroll in core foundation courses in the spring semester alongside classmates who enter in September. January Admits take Babson’s signature course Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) in the fall semester of the same year they enroll.  These 100 first-year students may elect to take courses in the Summer Session after their first semester, or following their third full semester at Babson. Students enrolling in January will complete their education in December following 8 semesters of coursework.

In their fall semester prior to enrolling at Babson, January Admits are free to explore a number of opportunities that may include foreign travel, volunteer work, internship employment, or a variety of other options. This additional time before entering Babson College allows them to pursue their passions in an unrestricted way.

The Office of Undergraduate Admission and the Office of Academic Services encourage students admitted for January to engage in experiences outside of the traditional collegiate environment in the fall. If January Admits elect to take college coursework at a different institution in their fall semester before enrolling at Babson, the courses may or may not be eligible to transfer to the College (unless otherwise indicated in the offer of admission). The Office of Academic Services staff will counsel and assist students interested in January enrollment once admitted to the college. International students also should consult with Babson prior to selecting a January semester program to ensure that the program can support a student’s immigration status.

Students who are interested in being considered for January enrollment at the time of admission should highlight this in their applications to Babson. We will consider requests for January enrollment in all of our admission rounds: Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision.