Writing Supplement: Bessie Shiroki ’20

I immediately smiled at the sight of my favorite board game. Babsonopoly. I love the combination of strategy and luck in this traditional family pastime. Seeing this on the wall in the admissions office gave me immediate comfort; I knew I was home. Babson College presents itself unlike any other college. I can picture myself on campus interacting with students who appreciate challenging themselves like I do. I was surrounded by sophisticated and mature individuals, and my entrepreneurial passion was exploding. The opportunities at Babson are the epitome of my dream school and even exceed my expectations. The close-knit environment, purposeful group work, and freedom to develop the direction of my career all in one place will be my favorite four years.

It is natural for me to be in a small class where more than one language is spoken. I am accustomed to discussions with diverse viewpoints, open minds, and where differences are seen as advantages. I embrace my cultural uniqueness, and I will add my voice to the community. I can’t imagine not continuing this in college.

While walking around Babson’s campus, my tour guide articulated she is in classes for a set number of hours per week, and the rest is hers to manage independently. Just like her, I balance my busy schedule. And then, as we passed the Bloomberg Terminals, I saw students working diligently. I could envision myself sitting with them evaluating the stock market and predicting trends.

I thrive when my peers share the same drive to succeed as me. I want to be surrounded by students who take on challenges and have a desire to learn. Babson’s Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship course immediately captivated my attention. I picture myself brainstorming ideas, making adjustments, and contributing my style to the team. I believe knowing who you are and what you stand for is essential to running a business. My perseverance and ambition will contribute to the process of my FME company. Giving college students the opportunity to be founders of a startup and run it themselves is an amazing gift of responsibility. Babson recognizes the potential of their students, and FME is a great way for young entrepreneurs like me to find our place in the business world and learn from our mistakes. I am capable of this challenge and will conquer it with tenacity. I will bring my dedication, commitment, and innovative skills to Babson College.​

Now it’s my turn to pass go and collect my Babson acceptance letter. I’ve found my next challenge.