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Professor Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg

Elizabeth Goldberg

Professor Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg / Professor of English, Chair of the Arts and Humanities Division

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Liberal arts courses are essential to any college curriculum, regardless of your major area of focus. These courses teach​ you not only essential subject matter, such as history or art or rhetoric, but also the crucial skill of critical, analytical thinking. They also help you to understand yourself within larger contexts, cultivating a more open, inclusive attitude.

I originally came to Babson because I felt I had something to offer by way of reaching out to populations that did not naturally love or pursue literature, or were perhaps not very tuned into human rights issues. I wanted to enliven students’ interests in these subjects.

“As Board Chair of Made By Survivors—an international nonprofit organization that employs and educates survivors of slavery and other human rights abuses—I incorporated the Made By Survivors story into my classes. It has given my students the opportunity to learn about business solutions to big problems while applying their business skills and seeing real-time results.


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“In return, Babson students have taught me that business and human rights are not opposites. And, they’ve taught me how to make more creative, productive noise in the world. The culture of our community truly empowers all members—particularly students—to engage their visions and raise their voices in whatever ways they feel moved.

“I view my students as whole people who bring their bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits to everything that they do, so my connection with them often moves beyond our intellectual work to encompass their life plans, goals, and dreams. I love their creative spirit and initiative, as well as their strong consciousness of the ways they can contribute to making the world a more just and equitable place.

“As the undisputed leader in entrepreneurship, Babson and its collaborative community offer a wealth of resources. Everyone from President Healey to The Lewis Institute has supported work on a micro supply chain laboratory that has helped Made By Survivors employ brothel slavery survivors in small-scale production centers, filling big jewelry orders in Western markets. It’s enabled so many people to rebuild their lives.

“I now know that the most important thing we can do as humans is to use our time well, to fully and intentionally live each day to our highest and best potential, and to consciously let go of the things that did not go perfectly because we have the amazing opportunity to start over with each new dawn.”

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