Application Requirements

Transfer students should apply to Babson College online via the Common Application website. For your convenience, we have provided PDF links below so that you may view our application before applying.

Official Test Scores

All applicants who graduated from high school less than five years ago are required to submit their official ACT or SAT score reports. We require either the SAT I or the ACT with the optional writing portion. SAT II test results are not required. Applicants who graduated from high school more than five years ago are not required to submit this credential. A TOEFL or IELTS score report is required for all international students for whom English is not their native language.

Mid-Term Report Form

The Mid-Term Report Form (PDF) is required for all students currently enrolled in college-level classes. Every class you are currently taking must be listed on this form—even if your class has not yet had a midterm exam. Please ask each professor to comment on your academic progress to date. Also, please make sure that the course number, course title, and credit hours are clearly listed. This form must be submitted with your completed application by the application deadline. It is your responsibility to inform us if your course schedule changes after you submit the form.

College Report

The College Report is required for all transfer applicants. Please have your Academic Dean or Student Affairs Dean fill out the form from EACH college or university that you have attended as a full-time student. The College Report form(s) must be submitted along with your other application credentials by the application deadline.

Professor Evaluation

Transfer applicants are required to submit at least one letter of recommendation from a college professor. It is your responsibility to ensure that your recommendations are received by the admission office by the stated deadlines.

High School Transcripts

We require an official transcript for all secondary schools you have attended. It is your responsibility to ensure that your transcripts are received by the stated deadlines.

College Transcripts

Official college transcripts must be sent from every institution of higher education you have attended. It is your responsibility to ensure that your transcripts are received seven business days before classes begin in your first semester.

Course Materials

Applicants are required to submit syllabi for all college-level courses for which they would like to receive transfer credit. Please visit the Transfer Credit Application section of our website for more information.


While not required, interviews are strongly recommended for prospective transfer students.

International Applicants

International students need to submit a certified English translation of high school transcripts, college transcripts, and course materials. The official certification should be attached to your original documents. It also is helpful if your college transcript indicates the credit for the courses you are taking as equivalent to semester hours. For additional requirements, such as visa information, please visit the international student section of our website. ​​​​​