Frequently Asked Questions

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Interested in applying to Babson Summer Study?

Below are some frequently asked questions from students, parents, and educators.


Who can apply to Babson Summer Study?

The program is designed for rising high school juniors and seniors. Each applicant must be age 16 or older by the start of the program. Unfortunately, we are unable to make exceptions to the eligibility requirements.

What is the English proficiency requirement for international students?

International students are required to submit one of the following on the “Test Scores” page of our application:

What if I cannot sit for an exam before the application deadline?

If you are unable to sit for an exam before the application deadline, we suggest you consider taking and submitting the online Duolingo English test. You may finish this test in one hour and get results in two days. 

My school is currently on break. Can I apply without official transcripts?

You may submit your unofficial transcript if you do not have access to your official transcript at this time. In the event that your official version is not received by the application deadline, any admission acceptances are contingent on further transcript verification.

What will my day look like?

Our new online format allows us to provide the same quality instruction in a way that is more flexible and more customized than in previous years. Outside live class sessions, asynchronous learning, and group meetings with professors, students will work on projects with their peers and complete both team and individual homework assignments carefully designed to complement the other program activities and classes. Many of these assignments can be completed when convenient for the students and their teams. Assignments are spaced throughout the month, and regular check-in meetings with professors and academic mentors will help keep participants on track. The program is designed to serve our global cohort of students. See more details on our Schedule page.

If I don't get accepted into Babson Summer Study. Can I still apply to Babson's undergraduate program?

Yes! Please don't let this deter you from applying to the Babson Undergraduate Program.

Can I get a refund on my Application fee?

Sorry, but application fees are nonrefundable.