#OneBabson Wall

Sharing well wishes from our global Babson community.

"Proud to be Babson Alum.  One College. One Community. #OneBabson." Mark Bentley ‘65

"The Babson community is filled with amazing human beings – we will get through this – and be stronger from it. Go Babo!" - Lauren Shaffer ‘14

 "One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that heading into the face of uncertain and being unafraid to blaze new trails is what being an entrepreneur is all about. Babson has prepared us for whatever comes our way and I’ve never been more grateful to have been part of such a strong community. Let’s continue to lead the word in entrepreneurial education together." Adeline Rodrigues ‘20

"The Babson family is simply amazing, always stepping up and lending a hand during challenging times. Lean on your support system, no matter where they are in the world. There are brighter days ahead, and we will get through this!" - Grace Carew '16

"Without such a supportive network, I would not be able to thrive as I am right now. What you all have provided for me are conditions for me to thrive wherever I am and I am so thankful for that…I feel inspired to give back to the community the same way they gave to me." Rafael Matsumura de Oliveira ‘21

"Thank you, Babson College, for having the best professors. The professors who taught me how to navigate through uncertain and difficult times, who gave their best to maintain the quality of education no matter where we are, who innovated, who put entrepreneurial thought and action in every class no matter what the subject was. They taught me how to face not only my career with ET&A but also my life...Thank you, Babson MBA generation, 2020. Today I have realized, Babson, In the last two years you were not part of my life, you were my life."  Christian Leiva MBA’20

"Kudos students and faculty!  You are leading the way for an entrepreneurial Babson education for a broader community by your energetic pivot to online learning today. The world needs you. Thank you #OneBabson." Carol Douglas, Babson Staff

"Take a moment to choose to be grateful for the situation we are in. The fastest way to reach the core value of things is by practicing an attitude of gratitude. Focus your mind and hearts on the tomorrow that you want to help create by honoring this present shift that we are all experiencing as a global community. Choose faith over fear and remember that this too is temporary." - Alejandro Souza ‘09

“I am very excited to support OneBabson as it truly is a marvelous way to help families that are facing new expenses or experiencing personal hardships and especially students who may be at risk of not returning to campus in the fall.”Paula Prifti Weafer, Babson Staff

"If I’ve learned anything from Babson, it’s that as entrepreneurs, we strive to make our world better every day. Our amazing community will take this tragedy and use it to make our future better. Stay safe, Babo!!" Amanda Hellen ‘05

"I just want to send words of love to my Babson Community. We are all in this together and will do everything in our power to make sure that we will continue to persevere for our students and our  alumni community." Patrick Hale, former Babson Staff

"Glad to support our determined Class of 2020" - Kristen Getchell, Babson Faculty

"During my short time with Babson, I’ve seen people from all over - alumni, faculty, and staff - come together and help each other.  Babson has a way of connecting people; it’s amazing to see and be a part of the Babson Community." Sarah Carpenter, Babson Staff

“It is my pleasure to know that I can help Babson Students get through this difficult time. They have proven to be resourceful and innovative, two of the key elements in getting an education here at Babson College. I would like to wish our Senior Class 2020 all the best, as they go forward in life!”  -Dennis Lawlor, Babson Staff

I am in awe and inspired by the many creative, meaningful opportunities and resources our community has created to connect and support one another. We are Babson Strong! -Effie Marthinsen, Babson Staff

"The Babson community is one with so much heart, so much creativity, so much resilience, and so much drive. It’s a community I’m grateful to be a part of, and one that I know will come out on the other side of all that’s going on in the world right now. We will remain united and moving ever forward, and we will do it as One Babson." -Kera Keene, Babson Staff

 50 years after my grad date - the value of my Babson experience and learning remains the best investment ever made! -Randall  '70

"It’s gratifying to be part of such an amazing and supportive campus community. Many thanks to all who are generously providing support and new resources to help our students and campus find safe passage through this current crisis. #onebabson #lovebabson" - Larry Ward, Babson Staff

 “It is during an unprecedented time like this, that all of us in our Babson community can show unity, team spirit, and lead with an entrepreneurial mindset.  I hope you are inspired by your Babson affiliation to come together with pride in supporting the College, and especially our Babson students most in need. Thank you #OneBabson.” Sandra Anthoine, Babson Staff

"Your support does not go unnoticed.  As a current Babson student, I am extremely grateful for all that you’re doing to support Babson students during this time. Go Beavers. Be safe.  And thank you for your support, we appreciate it, from all of us at Babson." Jake Gosnell ‘21

"Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong." - Sudeeksha Bhati ‘22

"I'm making my contribution in honor of Cheska Mauban '15. Cheska is one of my mentees/Posse Scholars. Cheska never needed to access these kind of emergency funds while she was at Babson, but if she had, they would have been there, and that's one of the many things that makes Babson so ultra-special. As a faculty member here for nearly 20 years, I can attest that if ever a student has come to me with emergency resources issues, I've been able to direct to a colleague in financial aid and make it happen. Thanks for considering a donation, however small, to this fund. It can mean the difference between chaos and stability for a young person on the edge of their life" - Elizabeth Swanson, Faculty

"What the world needs are more Elizabeth Swansons. More loving, thoughtful, and generous people. If you're lucky maybe they'll even volunteer to mentor you. So, I'll flip the switch here and dedicate my #onebabson campaign post to my mentor who has fought for me, my posse and every single student she's crossed paths with. Stay safe and strong." - Cheska Mauban '15

"Thank you for being a community that inspires care for each other." Anonymous student