International Student Opportunities

International Student Opportunities

Babson graduate students are a diverse group of emerging entrepreneurial leaders from around the world whom you’ll enjoy connecting with in and out of the classroom. After graduation, you and your talented peers become part of Babson’s vibrant international alumni community, a highly regarded professional network that you can rely on throughout your career.Babson has 40,000+ alumni in 115 countries

At Babson, international students can take advantage of:

  • Global Virtual Alumni Series: Learn from Babson alumni around the world about the current labor markets in areas such as Canada, Germany, Israel, and Latin America.
  • Student Consulting Projects: Increase your U.S. work experience by working in teams to solve real-world problems for outside organizations.
  • Post-Grad Fellowship: After graduation, take advantage of paid, part-time, graduate-level project opportunities with U.S. employers specifically for international graduate students.
  • International Employer Directory: This database includes company profiles and contact information for leading multinational employers with operations around the world.
  • Global Entrepreneur in Residence Program (GEIR): This innovative program enables international entrepreneurs to qualify for an H-1B visa* while they grow their venture.
  • Career Speakers: Get educated about the necessary job-search skills and resources international students need to increase their success in securing employment in the U.S.
  • Student-led clubs and cultural organizations: These include the Babson Latin American Club, Babson Black MBA Association, Babson Asia Business Club, OutNetwork (LGBTQ) Club, Babson India Symposium, and many more.

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*United States Citizenship and Immigration Services makes all final determinations regarding visa eligibility.