2010 SVP Teams


Josh Leffler MBA'11

BrandXO leverages existing social media applications and proprietary analytics to help executives develop their personal brand.

Caveman Case Co

Austin Conti '11 and Greg Schwartz '12

Established in 7,000,000 B.C., Caveman Case Co. provides premium leather-bound iPad cases with various colored velvet interiors.

Cocomama Foods

Sara Gragnolati MBA'10 and Zach DeAngelo MBA'10

Cocomama is a nutrition-based, gluten-free food brand that uses ancient grains to make healthy, convenient products.

Virool (formerly Crelligence Media) »

Alex Debelov '10

As featured in the New York Times and on ABC, Viralskool allows companies to host video contests, where the winner is determined based on how viral their video gets on the internet.


Chris Gallelo F.W. Olin College of Engineering '12, John Gesimondo '12 and Matt Muller '13

At Editingg, we transform ordinary snapshots into beautiful memories through professional photo editing.


Colin Winter '13

GreatLiveHelp turns live chat for websites into a more personal interaction through video chat and more ... enabling companies to instantly web conference with website visitors.

HonestD »

Chris Jacobs '10

HonestD provides Americans with a completely free discount prescription card program which saves them 10%–60% on all generic and brand name prescription medications not covered by their health insurance. The card program has no age, income, gender, or any other qualification requirements and no activation process. Anyone in the country can use this completely free product while sharing it with friends, family, and co-workers.

Insite Motion Media

Damian Gray '11

Creators and providers of high quality (HD) web site video content and marketing technology. Takes online video strategy to the next level with video optimization and detailed analytics reports.


Jeff Pfeffer '09

A glassware company that sells double insulated tumblers, mugs, and barware. Double-wall construction holds many advantages over typical single-wall design including better insulating properties and no condensation formation on the outside of the glass.

nonphiction co

Candice Sombrero '10

We help artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs with creative website, photo, and branding solutions.


Shabnam Emamian MBA'10

RelationshipDilemmas.com is an online community that connects millenials seeking relationship advice to peers and experts providing thoughtful solutions.

ThinkLite »

Enrico Palmerino '11

ThinkLite LLC is a Massachusetts based efficiency firm that provides energy efficient lighting solutions to businesses and households at no upfront cost.

Trade Show Internet »

Seth Burstein MBA'11

Our plug-and-play, internet-in-a-box solution, dispels the myth that internet connectivity at trade shows and corporate events is only available through overpriced, “exclusive” in-house vendors.


Farnaz Bakhtari MBA'09

TrainingPal is an SaaS-based online platform that enables personal trainers to offer services over the internet and manage client performance.

Zip Cuts

Joanna Meiseles MBA'12

For busy professionals who seek convenient and low cost hair care services, Zip Cuts will provide mobile haircuts from branded trucks that will travel to office parks and business centers where lots of people work.

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