2011 SVP Teams

206 Ortho (formerly BIOS2 Medical, Inc.) »

Jeff D’Agostino MBA’11

206 Ortho has developed an advanced biodegradable composite that will remove the need for metal implants in many orthopedic surgical procedures, reduce pain and eliminate subsequent implant removal surgeries caused by metal implants. Our composite implants are high strength and temporarily support the bone during healing then dissolve completely. 206 Ortho aims to get people back to their daily activities quickly, avoid major surgery, and reduce the costs associated with permanent implants.

Earthworm Soil Co.

Nik Beisert ‘11

Earthworm Soil Co. turns sh*t into gold by offering farms a low-cost, sustainable waste management services that turns waste material into high-quality organic fertilizer. We provide the know-how, marketing, and retail distribution.


Richard Agnew MBA’11

Footsteps is a software solution that provides child care and early education centers with the ability to captures and share in-classroom information. This benefits these centers with improved customer relations and retention, improved work flow, happier employees, and a unique marketing tool.

Golden Health Guide

Laura Mitchell MBA’11 and Seth Burstein MBA’11

Golden Health Guide is a website that helps seniors and their families make more informed purchasing decisions by providing professional and consumer reviews of home medical products.

JumpShift »

Carl Sanders-Edwards MBA’12

JumpShift provides training programs that improve the productivity of organizations. We offer two programs—Leadership Development and Personal Productivity. Our approach to training is revolutionary, building on what the participants are already good at, and providing inspiration based on best-practice models.

KokoBerna »

Belinda Ephraim MBA’11

Inspired by the revival of ancient beauty treatments and a 400 year-old family formula, KokoBerna develops and markets a range of high-end holistic facial care products that use botanicals and bio-healing restoratives that target the unique skin care needs of the diverse, luxury female market.

Roofer Quotes

Johan de Borst MBA’12, Kevin Kauzlaric MBA’12 and Matt Pecci MBA’12

RooferQuotes matches prequalified roofing contractors with homeowners through its “concierge level” service. We take a fee from roofers (most of whom do not have websites) for qualified leads, and our revenue is quickly growing.

SpecialNeedsSitter.com, Inc.

Zachary Kysar MBA’12 and Alex Chang MBA’12

SpecialNeedsSitter.com enables families with members diagnosed with special needs to easily find qualified sitters.

Special Interest

Joshua Furnish, F. W. Olin College of Engineering ‘14, Aaron Crenshaw, F. W. Olin College of Engineering ’14 and Gabriela Perez Villalobos, Wellesley College ’12

Special Interest is a card game with political and business themes. Players partake in a power struggle, investing and negotiating along the way. We are refining the game and exploring marketing and distribution options.


Milind Doshi ’11 and Ricardo Escobar ’11

Todocinco is an online marketplace for micro services that people can list, buy and sell for $5. Everyone can offer a service that is valuable to someone else. Our mission is to help people from all around the world showcase and monetize their talents, skills and creativity. (GloatIt is the English language test site used by the Todocinco team.)


Gaurav MBA’11 and Luke Cooper MBA’11

YouMeeTv is the first online social network that is focused on golf—where you can upload videos of your swing and get personalized feedback from real experts.

Top 5 Lessons from the First Year of a Startup

Sara Gragnolati MBA’10, founder of Cocomama Foods and alum of the 2010 Summer Venture Program, shares her top five lessons learned from the first year of a startup.

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