2015 SVP Teams

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Darkness Within » (@DWhaunt)

Trevor Sullivan '15

Darkness Within is a live entertainment, horror production company which creates unique, immersive events for victims to experience.

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DARTdrones »

Abby Speicher MBA'15

DARTdrones Flight Academy is the premier training school for drone pilots.


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Gisela Treats

Gisela Macedo MBA'15

Gisela Treats specializes in BrigadearBrigadeiro, the most popular Brazilian Treat. It looks like a truffle, is as soft as marshmallow and melts in your mouth like fudge hot fudge. It will be available at the best cafes in Boston very soon. Surrender to this handmade specialty indulgence!

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HubCharge (formerly Greenlight Technologies)

Christopher DeLeon '16 and Dardan Ostrozubi '17

Greenlight Technologies is a hi-tech startup that is solving the dead battery problem. We provide wireless charging solutions that can charge phones, tablets, and laptops in public spaces such as hotels, airports, restaurants, and bars. Our technology is applicable in the medical and military fields as well as the automobile industry. No matter where you go, you will be able to see Greenlight filling up your devices' batteries as we strive to create a world without wires.

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IMMI Financial Solutions

Bruno Coutinho MBA'15 and Amandio Sena

IMMI Financial Solutions is a company focused on helping low income populations manage their finances. We offer a full range of financial services, including a prepaid card and financial education tools.

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India in a Box

Shyam Devnani MBA'15

India in a Box is an online service that delivers a new innovative range of authentic Indian meals that are both Healthy and Easy to prepare. Our packaged meals are very easy to make; simply pour the contents in a pan, add water, heat and voila your meal is ready in just under 5 minutes. We deliver to your doorstep a range of Indian curries, rice and bread from different regions of India so that you can easily cook up a treat for yourself without the hassle of spending endless hours in the kitchen.

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Unruly Studios (formerly JumpSmart)» (@jumpsmartllc)

Bryanne Leeming MBA'16

JumpSmart combines learning engineering concepts and coding with physical activity for kids ages eight to twelve by utilizing a programmable mat that allows kids to create their own interactive games and experience the process of invention first-hand.

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Meet Eugene

Brianna Stiklickas '15

Meet Eugene, Inc. is the only exotic pet company that provides their customers with products for the exotic pet and their owners while offering educational programing and resources. Their first product line focuses on hedgehogs; this product line consists of a comprehensive one stop hedgehog shop that promotes the wellbeing and advancement of this creature in a domesticated setting. Their flagship product is their veterinary approved Grain-Free hedgehog food.

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Mighty Well (formerly PICCPerfect) » (@LiveMightyWell)

Emily Levy '16, Maria del Mar Gomez '16, and Hannah Conley '16

PICCPerfect is creating functional fashion for medical accessories. Its first product is the PICCPerfect PICC line cover for patients undergoing long term IV treatment. PICCPerfect is a safe and stylish way to protect PICC lines.

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Deniz Emre MBA'16

Qopy is a content marketing firm that helps leading technology companies publish original, high quality written content in the form of blogs, articles, and white papers on an ongoing basis.

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Redemption Rock Brewery & Public House

Danielle Babineau MBA'15

Redemption Rock Brewery & Public House is a craft brewery set to open summer 2016 in Worcester, MA. We focus on the experience of drinking great beer - pairing a variety of styles with thoughtfully prepared food and friendly, knowledgeable service in a community atmosphere.

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SaveOhno.org » (@saveohno)

Dylan Husted '17

SaveOhno.org is a social venture focused on environmental issues. 'Ohno' is representative of your great granddaughter, and her life adapts based on the actions you take today. We've sourced and curated over 7,000 environmental petitions, and we serve them to you in a rapid-fire, gamified format. When online petitions have garnered support from hundreds of thousands of people, they've led to serious, real world progress. We're looking to get more petitions to that figure, and you have the opportunity to help make that happen!

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SuperHealos » (@Superhealos)

Yuanyuan Yin MBA'15, Dylan Murphy and Kathryn Jones

SuperHealos is dedicated to reducing stress and anxiety for children and families facing medical treatments. We create storybooks, provide products and build communities to educate, empower and engage.

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T&Co.» (@drinktco)

Jennifer Odera MBA'15

T&Co. is an online tea subscription service that delivers tea experiences from around the world right to your doorstep. Each tea box provides a sensory experience, highlighting both traditional and contemporary tea cultures. Delight in tea from India to Florida and everything in between.

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Xu Peng MBA'15 and Andy Duan

TargetMol provides high quality bioactive compounds for industry and academic research. TargetMol streamlines new medicine discovery from the bottom up.

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