2016 SVP Teams


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Sam Barber '16 and Rob Lally

Altus. Cannabis Powered Beverage. Choose Your Experience.

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BarnManager »

Nicole Lakin MBA'17

BarnManager is an easy-to-use Web-based software platform designed to organize and streamline every barn’s program. Users can track horses’ work schedule, maintain detailed medical records, create monthly invoices and manage their barn’s entire calendar from their computer or mobile device.

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Busy Beauty »

Jamie Steenbakkers '18 and Michael Leahy '18

We’ve created a Showerless Shave™ that allows women to shave anywhere, on the go. Whether you are traveling, in a rush, or not in the mood for shower acrobatics–we’ve got you covered. 

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Cleancult »

Ryan Lupberger '18 and Samuel Gaudet '18

Cleancult is making laundry great again. Cleancult delivers the most effective, nontoxic laundry pods so that you can feel clean, not chemicals. 

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Clubes de Ciencia Latin America »

Luis Ortiz MBA'17 and Marcos Vinicius Tedrus Cezar Bento MBA’17

Clubs de Ciences is a nonprofit that brings PhD from top Universities in the U.S. to teach hands-on week long STEM workshops to students in Latin America at no cost and to mentor and inspire them to pursue careers in STEM. 

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Dkora Box »

Isabella Soto MBA'16

Dkora Box is an e-commerce platform that reinvents the purchasing process of home goods by providing ready-to-buy curated boxes of essentials and décor per room. 

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DropZone »

Courtney Wilson MBA’17

DropZone is online platform that allows veterans to discover and connect with beneficial resources, organizations, and opportunities, based on their individual needs and wants.

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Hostel Point, Co. »

Leo Robiglio MBA'17, Peter Creech MBA'17 and Ankit Newaskar MBA'17

Hostel Point, Co. is a booking platform with a social network element, where users can choose hostels based on mutual interests and intended activities with other guests, and communicate with each other before and during their trip. 

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Load & Road, LLC »

Kazu Kawanobe MBA'16, Abhinav Sureka MBA'16 and Mayuresh Soni MBA'16

Load & Road, LLC. is the creator of Teplo. Teplo provides the next generation tea experience!

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Lucky Ly

Lyana Kahn MBA’16

Lucky Ly is a direct-selling company that creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for young women, providing them with the means to create their own jewelry and accessories business.

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Melanites »

Jennifer Pierre MSEL'16

Melanies designs diverse toys, storybooks, and games that celebrate Brown Boyhood! Our mission is to inspire children of color to dream big, stand tall, and live out their childhood.

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Raised Right »

Braeden Ruud MSEL'16

Raised Right delivers custom and nutritionally balanced pet meals to your doorstep. 

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Rapidocc »

Chirag Shah MBA'16 and Ashok Vairavan MBA'16

Rapidocc offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) for medical clinics and practices. The application streamlines the after-hours call process for patients and providers, reducing time spent on each call, while improving patient satisfaction. 

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Think Board »

Hanson Grant '16

At Think Board, we help students, innovators, and entrepreneurs to create a new thinking space by turning any existing surface into a dry erase board. Think Board helps unlock personal and professional creativity in homes, offices, and school classrooms by overlaying Think Boards onto workspaces, walls, and school desks worldwide. 

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TORq Interface

Joanna Geisinger MBA’17

TORq Interface aims to improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety for surgeries that involve medical devices by creating a platform for hospitals and devices companies to share real-time data. This simple exchange of information will ultimately alleviate price pressure by reducing overhead cost for both segments and allow hospitals to continue making purchasing decisions based on quality of care and not cost. 

San Francisco


Big Travel

Dinesh Rajasekhar MBA'17, Sarath Chandran MBA'17, and Dishank Kukreja MBA'17

Big Travel connects student travelers to local experiences!


Brown Bag »

Ashwin Mysore MBA'14

Brown Bag makes it easy for people within a company to have lunch together. Never eat lunch alone again! offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) for medical clinics and practices. The application streamlines the after-hours call process for patients and providers, reducing time spent on each call, while improving patient satisfaction.


Day Pop »

Jonathan Kong MBA'17

Day Pop personalizes how friends discover and reconnect through events!


Earth Loans »

Joe McHugh MBA’17

Earth Loans provides financing for renewable heating and cooling in homes and buildings.


Grow »

Michael DeMaria MBA'15

Grow is an automated investment services app that exclusively focuses on Socially Responsible Investing.


Kiwi International »

Michael Corkrum '15

Kiwi International is creating nutritionally fortified Gari, a West African staple food.


Let's Go Hustle

Gustavo Diaz '17

Let's Go Hustle provides startup education for tomorrow’s founders.


ModPost »

Philip Motto '18

ModPost is a Social hub for the automotive aftermarket



Carey Fan MBA’12

Scootybees provides safe, convenient and reliable ridesharing for your children’s before and after school activities.


Shelfie »

Brendan Barbato ‘17

Shelfie offers fundraising photo campaigns for nonprofits.

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