2019 SVP Teams

Arist »

Ryan Laverty ‘20, Michael Ioffe ‘21, Joseph Passanante, and Maxine Anderson ‘22

Arist is the world’s first SMS University.

CollegeSpot »

Alisson Amaral ‘21

CollegeSpot is the first software for students to find near-peer mentors for college applications.

Daybreak »

Caleb Wursten ‘19 and Ultan O’Callaghan

Daybreak is a browser app that integrates proven and personalized break content into your schedule.

Dottie »

Meagan Priest MS’19 and Oscar Flores MS’19

Dottie helps people with memory challenges maintain independence and provide insights to doctors.

Growth Cave  »

Lucas Lee-Tyson ‘20

Growth Cave helps businesses grow online by providing online training focused on paid advertising.

Hoamsy »

Richard O’Brien MBA’20

Hoamsy efficiently find compatible roommates and homes within your student community.


Wendi Kan ‘22

Integrate catalyzes growth for Chinese students in American universities by helping them better interact in both social and professional settings in American culture.

Nectar CBD Superdrink »

Trevor Grode ‘19, Ryan MacDonell ‘20, Jack Rokous ‘20, and Roberto Salinas ‘19

Nectar CBD Superdrink the first CBD juice beverage that puts a friendly face on an intimidating product.

Porte Bags »

Elia Innamorati ‘20

Porte Bags designs luxury travels carriers that ensure optimal organization and protection.

Rostock »

Alex Kennedy MBA’20 and Chris St. Jean ‘20

Rostock is a digital media services and software platform that helps brands leverage user-generated content (UGC) to make their marketing more authentic and meaningful.


Mike Carlson MS’19, Peter-Paul Grootens MS’19, and Isaac Lewis MS’19

TopForm helps basketball players improve their shooting by leveraging technology and analytics.

Yad »

Deborah Cohen ‘19

Social enterprise that aims to empower people with disabilities through art.

Zapp! »

Joshua Hong ‘21 and Maverlyn Tan

Zapp! is a mobile platform that allows users to convert loose change electronically in an instant.

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