Grid Strategic Decisions

Ryan Bailey

Ryan Bailey

University of Oklahoma, USA

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Summary: Does a firm’s purpose matter? How does their purpose affect the kinds of value created in strategic alliances? Do their stakeholders care? This study identifies key success factors that fuel performance within strategic alliances and how firms can leverage specific behaviors to improve customer satisfaction, perceived value, and likelihood to secure future firm-level partnerships.


Shu Deng

The University of Texas, Dallas, USA

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Summary: A major patent reform (the AIA of 2011) exacerbated patent racing. How should managers and entrepreneurs take strategical actions to navigate the post AIA era.

S Vitaliy

Vitaliy Skorodziyevskiy

Mississippi State University, USA

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Summary: Property rights of firms are believed to exist and quite often are taken-for-granted. Notable, the internal and external environment of family firms contribute to how well property rights can be captured.