Grid Growing Your Venture

2023 bohan sarah

Sarah Bohan

University of Galway, Ireland

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Summary: Only some senior managers know how to set the tracks of culture and fuel the engine with practices that carry a venture to their destination on time.  Those that do take advantage of some signs they encounter on the way there are set to encounter maybe more than just one destination.

2023 Kim Tan

Tan Kim

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, United States

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Summary: The growth of entrepreneurship can be accelerated by attracting favorable attention from investors and potential customers. This attention can create intangible assets that transform unknown individuals into public figures and can lead to opportunities for platform businesses, crowd-funding, and positive impression management for the founders. This article explores how novice entrepreneurs employ behavioral strategies to generate positive attention from their audiences. 

2023 Shen Jia

Jia Shen

The University of Texas at Dallas, United States

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Summary: Firms need to balance the trade-off between transparency and secrecy to serve multiple strategic purposes. When facing a regulatory shock that requires firms to disclose innovation information, how do they camouflage to strike a balance between complying with mandatory disclosure requirements and protecting intellectual property from detection?


2023 Yoo Chanyong

Chanyong Yoo

University of South Carolina, SC, United States

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Summary: Discover how homegrown ventures such as Gojek and Grab outcompeted global giants like Uber by building a scaling business model that adapts to the local challenges in emerging and developing markets.