Grid The External Environment

2023 Klopp Jacob

Jacob Klopp

The Pennsylvania State University, United States

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Summary: How can we combat global warming when people are reluctant to abandon well-established practices in favor of sustainable ones? There is a lesson to learn from the case of plant-based meat: win people over by using a displacement strategy.

2023 Kyani Sarfraz Ali

Sarfraz Ali Kyani

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

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Summary: Entrepreneurship is often glorified as a journey of individual bravery and seizing opportunities. But what about the role of external changes influencing a venture’s creation? 

2023 Hess Sophia

Sophia Hess

University of Stuttgart, Germany

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Summary: Recognizing the power of diversity within entrepreneurial ecosystems is key to unlocking their full potential. By embracing the symbiotic relationship between a variety of inward- and outward-looking entrepreneurs, policymakers can use their budget effectively and keep the economy moving.