Live Case Study Series

Live Case Study with Nick Ragland

The Live Case Study Series offers students an insider perspective of what it is like to be a family entrepreneur. During each event, a guest with a strong family entrepreneurship background presents a challenge they are facing at the nexus of business, family and personal. In a highly interactive discussion, students form groups to discuss how this issue relates to their personal situation and to come up with solutions to the guest’s challenge.

The Live Case Studies Series is supported by a generous donation from Daniel Fireman M’00 and the The Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation.

Highlights of Past Events

Thursday, November 21st, 2019
Live Case Study with the CEO of one of the largest real estate family businesses in the U.S.

Join IFE Executive Director Lauri Union for this fun, interactive live case study featuring the CEO of a Florida-based real estate conglomerate. We are not sharing the name because that would give away too much about the case! In our live case study, you will have the chance to hear this CEO’s story and a dilemma they have faced. Decide what decision you would make and then find out what really happened! Our guest will talk about how they balance family legacy and obligation, while staying true to their own personal aspirations. 

Participants will apply concepts from design thinking to this family context and decide which path would best serve their family business and themselves.

April 4th, 2019
Live Case Study with Nick Raglan, Co-President of Gorilla Glue Company 

In this fun, interactive live case study, Professor Ed Marram and IFE Executive Director Lauri Union, talked to Nick Ragland, MBA '00 how his family grew tiny Lutz Tool into a rapidly growing international brand powerhouse. At this juncture, the family has some major decisions to make. Participants  applied concepts from design thinking to this family context and then held their own Ragland family meeting to decide what they would do.

October 15th, 2018
Live Case Study: Leadership in Wealth Management & Family Entrpreneurship with Maria Elena Lagomasino, CEO and Santiago Ulloa, Founder WE Family Offices

Get a unique insider look into the world of women’s leadership in the top echelons of the finance world and the challenges of Latin American and US families with large businesses. Maria Elena (Mel) Lagomasino and Santiago Ulloa are Managing Partners at WE Family Offices, a global family office guiding ultra high net worth families to manage their wealth as a successful business enterprise. Participate in a Live Case Study Challenge around a pivot point in Ms Lagomasino’s career. What would you do?



September 12th, 2018
Live Case Study with Kunal Amalean '12, Digital Engineer, MAS Holdings

Learn how Kunal Amalean is charting his own course and acheiving his entrepreneurship vision in his family business, MAS Holdings. MAS Holdings is one of the largest apparel manufacturers in Sri Lanka and is noted for its emphasis on ethical and sustainable work environments. Its customers include Victoria's Secrets, Nike, Lululemon, and PVH.