Family Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum

One of our most impactful programs -- The Family Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (formerly known as the Family Entrepreneurship Peer Forum) is a space for you to have deep and open sharing discussions with peers who have a shared life experience.

You will gain emotional intelligence skills critical to building more effective relationships with your family and forging your own path at the intersection of self-family-business.

How It Works:

  • You will be in a group of 7-8 students who will meet once a month over the academic year
  • Students will share and learn from one another in a confidential non-judgmental space
  • A Babson instructor will be there to serve as both a moderator and an advisor
  • Students must commit to attending all sessions (Approx. 1 meeting per month over the academic year) 
  • At the end of the program, students will receive a certificate of completion

Please note that this program requires a commitment on the students' part to attend ALL meetings during the academic year. Students applying to the Family Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum must have a family business or other entrepreneurship platform. 

This program has limited space. To be placed on our waiting list to join a Forum, please click below to complete the application form. 

**This program meets once a month on Fridays 10am-12pm (Except for 2-year MBA students in their first year, which will meet Thursdays 3-5pm in the fall, then switch to Fridays in the spring). Please make sure that this time works for you before applying to this program.

What our students say:

"I would consider Peer Forum one of the best experiences at Babson. Because we all came from similar backgrounds, the shared experiences were relatable and helped me empathize with and learn from my peers. There were some great insights I was able to take away and apply to my situation. Peer Forum taught me empathy, discipline, commitment and a chance to tell my story and be vulnerable in a safe environment built with trust."

”Peer Forum increased my ability to relate to others’ shared experiences, and seeing other possible approaches to issues and problems."

”Peer Forum provided me with priceless emotional support and helped me to form very practical approaches to my challenges."

”Many of the issues I had were common in many other family businesses, across countries and cultures."

”Peer Forum really impacted me personally. It helped me have a better vision of what I want to do after Babson."

”Sharing experiences in a small group and hearing from peers with similar problems or experiences was one of the most enriching experiencesI had at Babson. A lot of learning and very fun too!"

”An amazing experience to learn from peers.”

Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos Roda MBA'19 explains how the program helped her in unique ways


     Peer Forum II Jan 2019