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Episode 11 with Amanda Bialek

Episode 11

Amanda Bialek of Konnect Agency: 360-Degree Franchise Marketing

“Franchising provides the opportunity to tap into entrepreneurial spirit with the guidance of a great play book.”

Welcome to the intersection of marketing and brand-building! As President of LA’s Konnect Agency Amanda Bialek advises franchisors on national strategies and franchisees on local advertising — a true 360-degree perspective of the market challenges and opportunities for franchises!

Amanda joins Ab & Vini to share what she’s learned about shaping clear, shared, long-term visions with ‘Zees and ‘Zors… the dangers of not asking your questions… the critical need to know when it’s time to pivot… recession-proof franchises, and much more.

Every franchise brand needs marketing support at every level. Listen and learn how this authentic, customer-focused leader gets stellar results. 

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