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Episode 2 with President Stephen Spinelli

Episode 2

Franchising in the Fast Lane with Jiffy Lube co-founder Stephen Spinelli, Jr.

“Franchising is a way to scale value creation quickly.”

As the founder of Jiffy Lube International and chairman of the board of Planet Fitness, our guest Babson College President Stephen Spinelli, Jr. should know! Steve is an entrepreneur who grew up in the world of franchising. His experience in national and international franchising, coupled with his unique understanding of entrepreneurship education and practice, endow him with exceptional perspectives worth learning about. Get ready for a free-wheeling master class with one of the franchising industry’s greatest advocates.

Steve took time out of his busy schedule to talk shop - literally. From his early days with the Jiffy Lube Franchise to where he is today with Planet Fitness, get ready for a free-wheeling conversation with one of the Franchise industry's greatest advocates.

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