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Episode 6 with Soosie Lazenby

Episode 6

Soosie Lazenby, Club Pilates and StretchLab Franchisee: Going All-In on New Franchise Brands

“Franchises don’t run themselves. There’s no such thing as an semi-absentee owner.”

What’s it like to be “first in” on a new, unproven franchise brand? Soosie Lazenby is principal owner and operator of 4 StretchLab franchises (under the XPonential Fitness umbrella) in the Tampa Bay metro area. Not only that, she was among the first to commit to this new, emerging franchise brand. 

That kind of leap is not for the faint-of-heart, and while it sets Soosie’s approach apart, anyone in the franchise space (or who wants to be) can learn from it. The experiences she shares with Ab and Vini include great insights into what it really takes to be a franchisee — from risk tolerance to financial fitness. You’ll also hear about her lessons gleaned from launching multiple locations and brands simultaneously in multiple states or markets. 

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