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Episode 8 with Neal Faulkner

Episode 8

Neal Faulkner, Dunkin’ Multi-Unit Franchisee: Gettin’ Down in the Trenches

“Franchisees have to work in the business and be ready to do every single task!”

24 years ago Neal literally rolled up his sleeves and began a 5-year stint in the trenches dirtying his hands and learning one of America’s leading franchise powerhouses from the inside out. Now a respected Dunkin Brands multi-unit franchisee, Neal has priceless thoughts on entrepreneurship and leadership for everyone — priceless because he’s really been there with big mistakes (including an 8-figure whopper!) and huge wins.   

And as you’ll also hear, it’s not always “time to make the donuts.” Neal speaks with Ab and Vini about his influential roles higher up in the Dunkin’ organization — and as a director of the New England Center for Children, an autism school and research center.

Learn more about how Dunkin’ runs! Episode 3: Nigel Travis, Author of The Challenge Culture, Former CEO & Chairman of the Board of Dunkin’ Brands (and that’s just for starters!)