Glavin Chapel

Glavin Chapel

The Glavin Family Chapel was built in honor of Babson’s ninth President William F. Glavin and his wife Cecily M. Glavin to serve the diverse spirituality of the community.

President William F. GlavinWilliam F. Glavin H’99, Babson President Emeritus

Every aspect of the Chapel has spiritual and symbolic meaning. From the granite exterior that represents our spiritual strength, the clipper ship hull and bow sculpture reminds us we are on course and set for sail, to the stained glass windows reflecting the light, we too will shine in a world that is ever changing and ever evolving—a world for which we are preparing our students to reinforce a sense of well-being to humanity. This magnificent chapel is a thing of beauty, a house of lights, a place of worship and tool for building community.

Glavin Family Chapel is the home of the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life (ORSL) and is also used as a multi-purposeful space where programs and services are held from Rosary Prayer, Jumu’ah prayers, Shabbat Dinners and Christian worship. It is also open for student, staff, faculty and the surrounding community to reserve for events, religious observances, memorials, and meetings.

The Glavin Family Chapel is a non-alcoholic, no smoking and no pets allowed space. If attendees are accompanied by a service animal please email Denicia Ratley or call 781-239-5969 before visiting so that ORSL is able to fully accommodate you and your service animal.