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Multifaith Groups & Programs

The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life is the home of several student-led faith groups and offer weekly and biweekly multifaith programs to the Babson Community.

Multifaith Groups

The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life (ORSL) empowers student faith groups to lead, organize and create programming that is reflective of their faiths, missions and opportunities to build community. All faith groups must be registered by ORSL in order to be recognized by Babson College.

ORSL supports all faiths, religious traditions and spiritual journeys. We have supported our Buddhist students traveling to the temple in Boston, Orthodox Jewish students with kosher meal plans and academic accommodations during holy days and Jain students meal accommodations. The student experience is the core of cultivating and sustaining religious and spiritual life at Babson. If any students would like to create and start a faith group please email the Director of Religious & Spiritual Life.

Multifaith Programs

The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life provides vibrant and inclusive multifaith programs for the Babson Community. We welcome all who do and don’t ascribe to a faith to our programs to experience a reflective, educational and supportive environment.

Current programs include:

  • Rosary Prayer
  • Qu’ran Circle
  • Breaking Bread
  • Spiritual Ethics Classes
  • Ju’muah Prayer
  • Shabbat Service
  • Hindu Spiritual Gathering
  • Catholic Mass

Some of our programs are led by student faith leaders and others are led by our Chaplain staff. We also partner with other campus offices and/or student clubs to create relevant and impactful events.