The Uncommon Table Methodology

We believe that everybody's needs get better met in community.

 methodology is a unique design approach bringing multiple stakeholders together with the distinct purpose of catalyzing action in addressing a particular problem or social challenge.

In order to solve the world's most complex issues, we need to bring together those core stakeholders (the usual suspects) with some of the outsiders (the unusual suspects) who may have an innovative or different perspective that can move the issue in a way it's never been moved before. We reconfigure relationships in such a way that new and expanded opportunities and innovations come about not because of the what, but because of the who and the how.

Instead of a lecture with a 5-minute Q&A at the end, the featured guests share a 5-minute introduction and then the "table" is open for an exchange of questions and ideas. Attendees drive the conversation through their curiosity and their own personal experiences.

Each Uncommon Table is designed and tailored to address the specific content. In some cases, groups may come to Babson's campus for meetings and dialogues. In other cases, it may be more appropriate to travel to a corporate or other relevant site to address an issue head on. We are issue agnostic and have access through our extended network to bring the necessary voices to the table. No issue is too big or too small.