Clubs and Activities

"It is wise to keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final." - Roger Babson

Babson's co-curricular opportunities reflect a tapestry of emerging student interests and passions that you will have an opportunity to fully immerse in, connect to, and lead.

Clubs and Leadership

With more than 100 student clubs and organizations on campus, Babson fosters a campus environment that empowers in you a desire to co-create experiences in partnership with others. By doing so, you will engage in a rich variety of opportunities to distinguish yourself while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow students who share your same passions and interests. Clubs offer a fun means of developing and honing leadership skills and the ability to work collaboratively on a common goal.

The diversity of our clubs and organizations mirrors the diversity of our students in terms of their backgrounds and interests. As such, despite the large number of current choices, there is always room for more. Students are encouraged to start new clubs and organizations that fill an unmet need. The process for starting a new organization is not difficult. We intentionally keep red tape to a minimum so that students can pursue their ambitions with administrative support, not interference. And, starting a new club or organization provides excellent experience in developing new ideas, gaining support and consensus, and establishing a new venture: the key tools of entrepreneurship.

Events and Activities

Many of the events and activities that take place on campus are initiated and designed by students providing an immediate opportunity to apply and practice entrepreneurial leadership. This is another way in which Babson empowers students to create their own path. As in any entrepreneurial venture, at Babson anything is possible. All it takes is a big idea or an eye for an unmet need, and the vision and initiative to create and operationalize a solution. The results benefit everyone, and provide learning and leadership opportunities that cannot be contained only within a classroom.